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Information on the Learning Commons Exploratory Group process

Short Term Goals

  • Develop a way to provide centralized information to students about all study spaces on campus.
  • Create one or two spaces with more flexible furniture and space.  Observe how students use the furniture and equipment before a large scale renovation.
  • Look at additional spaces for late night study.  Possible options: Sarkey’s student lounge, Student Government offices in McDaniel, specific quieter study areas of the residence halls.  
  • Continue the collaboration between Campus Technology and the library for late night student computer help.  Fully train late night computer help students to provide high need assistance. From the data collected, the top priority with students is ensuring that they can print from their personal laptops to campus printers.
  • Coordinate, advertise, and create workshops on writing, style guides, stress management, and study skills through modules on the website and in person.
  • Incorporate all schools and areas of OCU into the Learning Commons.  Ensure that services are not being duplicated to reduce cost to campus.

Long Term Goals

  • Create more purposeful spaces on campus for engaging in learning outside the classroom setting.  These spaces should be comfortable and modern, with natural lighting and easy access to power outlets, whiteboards, and internet.
  • Improve coffee and snack service in the library.  
  • Include the Learning Commons as a budget item in Academic Affairs.  
  • Designate the Assistant/Associate Provost as the point person to coordinate and be responsible for ensuring this project moves forward because the areas most directly involved include the Dulaney-Browne Library, Campus Technology, Disability Services, Learning Enhancement Center, First Year Experience, and Global Engagement.
  • Publish and maintain a list of software used by different academic programs. Include how to access the software and where to find support for it.
  • Increase collaboration across campus to develop best practices for creating, using, and maintaining purposeful spaces, for providing academic services, and for increasing student learning in these spaces.

Exploratory Group Members

  • Paul Gebb, Director of CETL
  • Jenny Minsberg, Coordinator of Disability Services and the LEC
  • Victoria Swinney, Director of Dulaney- Browne Library
  • Amy Ayres, Dean of Students
  • Dianna Bottoms, Clinical Assistant Professor of Nursing
  • Kent Buchanan, Interim Provost
  • Kristen Burkholder, Associate Professor & Access Services Librarian
  • Robert Griffin, Associate Professor of TESOL
  • Gerry Hunt, Chief Information Officer
  • Beth Landon, Biology Laboratory Technician
  • Kelly Perry, Assistant Athletic Director
  • Terry Phelps, Professor of English
  • Stephen Prilliman, Associate Professor of Chemistry
  • Liz Willner, Professor and Director of Teacher Education