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Virtual Library Movie Night

August 14, 2020

Chosen by Dr. Kristen Burkholder, librarian for Business, Computer Science, Education, Exercise Science, and TESOL.

Why this title: I chose this documentary because Ruth Bader Ginsburg was appointed to the Supreme Court just about the time I graduated from college—I attended a women’s college—and was only the second woman ever appointed as a Supreme Court justice, so it was a momentous occasion and I was politically aware enough to recognize that significance at the time. I admire her unwillingness to accept discrimination on the basis of sex, and her tenacity and courage.

Chosen by Dr. Victoria Swinney, librarian for Nursing, Science, Math, Physician Assistant, and Physical Therapy.

Why this title: I love history and I love working with nursing students. This film also provides perspective on the changing nature of professions. Knowing how a profession has developed can help us build on its values and keep them relevant in changing circumstances.

Chosen by Dr. Robert Dorman, librarian for History, Humanities, Nonprofit Leadership, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Women & Gender Studies.

Why this title: I think this movie is great because it dramatizes timely issues such as immigration, human trafficking, and white privilege in a very moving way. It's about how personal empathy and decency forge ties of community, friendship, and family across racial lines.

Chosen by Lee Webb, librarian for Theology, Religion, and Philosophy.

Why this title: This excellent series explores the cultural roots that go a long way to explaining our current political divide, but could also be a source of reconciliation.

Chosen by Dr. Beth Fleming, librarian for Music, Theatre, and Dance.

Why this title: She Loves Me is a musical that tells a tale as old as time, in fact this same story line happens again and again in movies and books. I just think this musical version is simply divine!

Chosen by Christina Wolf, librarian for Art, Continuing Education, English & Literature, Film, Game Design, Mass Communications, and Modern Languages.

Why this title: I picked this video because I always find the process of working artists fascinating even if I don't at first fully appreciate their art. This Art21 episode showcases the work of San Francisco artists Stephanie Syjuco, Katy Grannan, and Lynn Hershman Leeson.


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