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2012-2013 Annual Report: Oklahoma City University School of Law Library: Technical Services

Goals of the Department

The Technical Services Department is in charge of purchasing and processing all library material added to the library collection. This includes items generously donated from our faculty and alumni patrons. The Technical Services Department is also responsible for removing an item from the collection, the catalog, and OCLC when it is out of date or no longer needed. Additionally, the members of this department build and maintain the online library catalog and provide catalog and collection statistics upon request for local and national reporting.

Student Worker 2012-2013

Jeanne Lynn worked approximately 400 hours as a Technical Services student worker in the last fiscal year.

Student workers in the Technical Services Department primarily perform book processing tasks: assisting with checking-in and processing material received in the library's daily mail; filing new microfiche and microfilm in the microform collection; assisting in preparing material for the shelves by adding call number labels, stamps, security strips, pockets, and proper identification stickers; updating and maintaining catalog records in our online library system for changes, corrections and deletions as instructed by the Systems/Cataloging Librarian; performing special projects and other duties as assigned by the Assistant Director for Technical Services and other librarians.


Each year a strong focus of the Technical Services Department is database cleanup as well as enrichment and enhancement to the bibliographic records in the online library catalog. In 2012-2013, 6,833 new records were created and 80,219 records were updated in the catalog.

Voyager Link Project

When new electronic format titles are cataloged a Technical Services librarian searches the catalog to see if we have the same title in another format. If so, a link is inserted into the record to provide easy access to the electronic version for our patrons. This is true of both ebooks and periodicals. Many of the periodical titles with records in the catalog for the print publication include links to the journal within HeinOnline, Westlaw, Legal Classic, and/or LLMC.

Technical Services Department


Nancy Cowden Assistant Director for Technical Services

Kathryn Broad Systems Librarian/Cataloger 

Mary Gillman Library Specialist in Technical Services

Technical services librarians Nancy Cowen and Kathyrn Broad completed 154 hours of online, local, and national professional development in the last year.

Completed Projects

A few long term projects were completed in the 2012-2013 fiscal year:

  • Reclassed all DVD and video items from an accession number arrangement to Library of Congress classification.
  • Created an online procedural manual for the department utilizing the libguide format.
  • Added exact holdings information for all periodicals in our collection to the  A-Z list. With this project completed, patrons can now view each periodical available in the collection and quickly establish the holdings and coverage of a title.
  • Provided holding records for the switch to an A-Z list product from EBSCO.
  • Provided assistance in setting up our ebook project through Yankee Book Peddler for Ebrary law books.
  • Created several reports about the law library's dead, cancelled and inactive titles for weeding projects.
  • Revised the fields of local notes so searching is more efficient for finding items that are cancelled, inactive, non-book, special collection, depository, and gifts.
  • Researched and recommended moving and shelving companies for the move to the new law school building downtown.

Current and Ongoing Projects

Several long term projects continued from the last fiscal year:

  • Began using Resource Description & Access (RDA) cataloging rules which became official January 2013
  • Adding table of contents information to each of the records for enhanced keyword searching in the online library catalog
  • Adding Library of Congress Genre/Form headings. This year the headings study aids, encyclopedia, dictionaries, and biographies were added into the catalog records for richer patron searching
  • Weeding periodical volumes for titles that we are only keeping the 3 years of
  • Editing Government Printing Office records with a local note "depository" and adding GPO links
  • Removal of damaged materials from compact shelving and records from the catalog.

Native American Collection Reclassification Project

The KIA – KIX schedule for Law of Indigenous Peoples in the Americas is still in the draft stage. The new schedule was conceived as regional comparative and uniform law classification, and to give the materials more granularity (thousands of possible classification numbers rather than just 28 for all Native American Law materials; most tribes or nations get 30-100 classification numbers rather than just a “cutter” where all of their materials were classed).  For example, material dealing with the laws of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma will be classed KIF5531-KIF5630, while the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians of North Carolina will be classed at KIF5821-5820. Oklahoma Cherokee treaties would be classed at KIF5538, and the North Carolina would be classed at KIF5828, rather than lumped together under KF8228.C5.  The Navajo Nation, Arizona, New Mexico & Utah will be classed KIJ3051-3080, so their treaties will be classed at KIJ3051.A32. 

For a short time cataloging for new items was available on OCLC using this trial classification and  some existing titles were reclassed using the 2011 Proposed Draft. The Native American Collection will be fully reclassed once the new schedule is approved and released for general use. When this happens, many of those items currently classed in the E schedule that deal with Law or Treaties will be reclassed to the new schedule as well as the materials currently in the KF8200-KF8228 area. All materials will need to be reviewed for possible reclassification.

Cross Departmental Projects

Technical Services librarians assisted the Access Services Department with inventorying all the print materials in the library. During the project some missing items were replaced, processed and put back on the shelves but over 1,500 records for titles were deleted and not replaced. This project was completed in the spring of 2013. The last time an inventory project was attempted at the law library was was in the early 1990’s.

A completed joint project with Access Services was the creation of lists of titles available online and titles no longer being updated. Student workers and Access Services staff used these lists to mark volumes with “available online” and “no longer being updated” notices. The Technical Services Department will continue this project by adding these notices to new material when received.

In conjunction with the Administration and Reference departments, Technical Services assists with a large, ongoing weeding project. Select items weeded last year were out of date or duplicate textbooks, casebooks, periodicals, CLEs, and state materials. In 2012-2013, 4,876 volumes were weeded from the collection.

The Technical Services Department also assists the Access Services and Reference Services departments with creating and modifying database queries used to evaluate the collection, services, and library hours.

The Access Services staff and student workers have assisted the Technical Services staff in determining if catalog records need to be edited to match updated Library of Congress Name Authorities. Authority records enable librarians to provide uniform access to materials in library catalogs and to provide clear identification of authors. These authority records are occasionally updated for disambiguation purposes or to add or alter years of birth or death.

Federal Depository Library

In 2012-2013 the law library became a participant in The Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP). Through this program materials are sent to and received by depository libraries from the Government Printing Office (GPO) and remain the property of the U.S. Government. Libraries become the custodians of these resources; Federal property is entrusted to their care. Certain legal obligations come with being a depository library and with the stewardship of Federal property. These obligations fall into the broad categories of access, maintenance of collections, and service to the public. The receipt and processing of materials through FDLP is performed by librarians in the Technical Services department.

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