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2012-2013 Annual Report: Oklahoma City University School of Law Library: Library Services for Faculty

Faculty Reference Questions

The law faculty make reference requests in person, by phone, or by email. In 2012-2013 faculty made 679 requests. This included requests made at the circulation desk, the mobile reference desk on the 2nd floor lobby outside of Faculty Support Services, and in the classroom during trainings and guest lectures. This year the law librarians saw 6% increase in faculty requests. 406 requests were made in a librarian's office. Librarians also offered approximately 9 faculty reference hours per week during the fall and spring semesters.

Librarians as Guest Lecturers

Upon request, reference librarians act as a guest lecturers in faculty and adjunct faculty courses providing topic specific research training. These lectures cater to the particular needs of the faculty and vary in duration. Students participating in the Award of Accomplishment in Legal Research Skills program receive one point for attendance at these guest lecture sessions. A selected list of topics from last year's lectures include Federal Income Tax resources, Contract Form Books and Drafting Materials, Administrative Law, International Intellectual Property Law, and Alternative Dispute Resolution research and seminar writing resources.

The librarians have a close and positive working relationship with the Legal Research and Writing (LRW) instructors. Last year the reference librarians were again invited to guest lecture in all LRW sections.  

The clinics were once again assigned a librarian liaison to work with students in these practical educational opportunities. Clinic liaison librarians provided 11 presentations as well as on-site reference assistance as needed. Each clinic is provided with a research based LibGuide tailored to their students' needs/. The Immigration Clinic LibGuide, Oklahoma Innocence Project LibGuide, and the American Indian Wills Clinic LibGuide are publicly available. The Native American Wills Clinic LibGuide was completed in the Spring of 2013. The clinic LibGuides are regularly reviewed and updated. The Oklahoma Innocence Project LibGuide is serving as a model for a similar clinic guide at another law school. This past year the publicly available clinic specific LibGuides were viewed 594 times.

Long Term Faculty Research Projects

During the past year the Reference Department worked on 10 long term faculty projects. These projects ranged in time spent from forty to over eighty hours per project, meaning 400-800 hours were spent on these long term projects. To accomplish these projects the reference librarians often worked closely with a reference assistant.

Projects included tracking pleadings and cases in a particular suit, locating all case law in specific subject areas, tracking federal judicial decisions by judge, and tracking down agency actions and decisions on specific topics.

Faculty Citation Study

Each spring the Reference Services Department completes the faculty citation study. Each faculty member's scholarship receives a citation analysis to determine if it has been cited in other works. Each work is checked in prominent citators such as KeyCite and Shepard's as well as lesser known services such as HeinOnline's CiteCheck, Google Scholar's citation aggregator, and other citation services. General searches using the authors name and title of the work are also run to find cites that have not been included in the citation services. The number of times an item has been downloaded from SSRN and the Oklahoma City University School of Law's Selected Works portal is also added to the survey. The search covers a span of three years to retrieve items that, due to the lag in the publication process, may not have been processed through a citation service for a year or more. New citations are added to the existing faculty citation study document. This effort takes many weeks to complete and is divided among a number of reference librarians and reference assitants. The Head of Reference Services reviews and sends the final document to the Director of the Law Library. Additionally, each liaison updates the faculty they serve with information from the study.

Librarian Faculty Liaison Program

The faculty librarian liaison program had another successful year. Due to the loss of a law librarian position some liaisons were reassigned.  During the 2012 -2013 we saw an increased use of the liaison program by our adjunct faculty including 3 guest lectures with a duration that varied from 45 minutes to 2 hours.

For their assigned faculty, liaisons spend a great deal of time evaluating if the library owns resources to aid their in class preparation and scholarship. During the year they made purchasing recommendations in their faculty's areas of interests. Faculty also made collection recommendations through their library liaison or by contacting the Law Library Director. Library liaisons also provided TWEN assistance, research updates, current awareness, and preemptive searching for writing projects on requested topics. Additionally, librarians prepared bibliographies, research guides, presentations on library resources and offered one on one trainings on electronic resources and instructional technology tools. Copyright permissions for electronic and print reproduction of materials for the law faculty were also provided on request.

Faculty Scholarship

  • The Faculty Scholarship electronic slides on 2N were redesigned this year. Each slide contains an image of the first page or cover of the most recent scholarship of each full time faculty member. The image and title information were updated throughout the year as the faculty completed scholarship.
  • Library liaisons created and continued to update the Selected Works sites for each full time faculty member.
  • Upon request, Library Liaisons created and continued to update SSRN pages.
  • Upon request, faculty were provided with one on one law review placements analysis. 
  • Upon request, faculty were provided with one on one ExpressO and Scholastic submission assistance and training.
  • As in past years, the librarians and reference assistants compiled a works cited report for the law school dean and full time faculty.

Faculty Patron Libguides

Patron Guides were created in the last year to educate Law Library patrons about library services. Full time and adjunct faculty have individual guides available that address their particular privileges in relation to the library. In the last fiscal year, pages in the Adjunct Faculty Library Guide were viewed 208 times and pages from the Law Faculty Library Guide were viewed 190 times.


Course Reserve

Each semester Access Services staff pull syllabi from StarNet and review the campus bookstore's textbook list to identify materials to put on Course Reserve. In 2012-2013 187 unique items were placed on Course Reserve lists for 54 faculty and adjunct faculty members in the fall, 49 in the spring, and 8 in the summer. 


A binder with syllabi, contact information, and faculty photos is kept behind the desk to give law students an opportunity to take a quick glance at assignments or find faculty office numbers. This binder is also used to train new Access Services staff and student workers.

Classrooms & Faculty Meeting Space

The two seminar rooms in the Native American wing were available as regular classrooms beginning in the fall 2012 semester. 

Classroom 169 was used by 4 classes during the fall semester and 2 during the spring semester. Classroom 170 was used by 3 classes during the fall semester and 3 classes during the spring semester. 507.9 hours of classes were held in the library last year.

Due to major flood damage in Sarkeys, all summer courses had to be relocated. 153 students from 9 courses and their final exams were held in the library classrooms.  

The Special Collections room is available to faculty for reservation year round. Last year, it was reserved on 63 different occasions over the course of the year by faculty for meetings and class activities.

Faculty Survey

Every other year the Law Library solicits feedback from the faculty through a survey. The next faculty survey will be completed in the 2013-2014 year. 

Faculty Office Copies

The library has adopted a "just in time" model of collection development. Full time faculty members now have the opportunity to request faculty office copies of purchases from either the Director of the Law Library or their Law Library liaisons. In the last year, 110 office copies not related to interlibrary loan were purchased for the faculty at a cost of $4,046.91.

Faculty Driven Acquisitions Based on Interlibrary Loan

In order to ensure uninterrupted access to research materials and to comply with copyright guidelines, a system has been set in place to purchase copies of ILL items for faculty members that have required at least two renewals.  Over the 2012-2013 academic year, 30 purchases were made, totaling $820.97.  This is slightly down from last year when 33 purchases were made. 

Periodical Routing

Current issues of law reviews are displayed for one week on the bookshelf in the 2 South hallway. After the week they are shelved in the Native American Wing unless a faculty member has requested a title routed to them. Last year 43 periodical titles were routed to 20 faculty members 

Updated Copyright Policy

The Law Library Implementation of Oklahoma City University Copyright Policy was updated in November 2012.  This policy adheres to the campus-wide policy and addresses five ways faculty can make course reserve materials available to their students:

  • Individual Law Faculty, Faculty Support Services, or the Law Library Staff post electronic copies of materials or links to such materials on virtual course management products such as The West Education Network (TWEN) or LexisNexis Web Courses.
  • Course materials in a PDF format may be made available via the OCU StarNet website.
  • If the materials are in a text or other book, you may place the book on course reserve.
  • Print copies of materials may be placed on course reserve.
  • Copies may be provided via a coursepack.

The entire policy can be read on the Law Faculty Library Guide.

Practice Exam Updates

Last spring the Starnet site for online practice exams was restructured. At the beginning of this joint project by the Reference and Access Services departments each faculty member with previously posted exams was asked to confirm permission to post exams and all faculty members were asked to contribute new exams. Electronic copies are held on one of the library's shared drives. On a Starnet site only law students can access the exams are organized in folders and subfolders by course and faculty member. In the past, these exams were held in a single document site in an outdated naming convention that was difficult for students to search. 

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