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2012-2013 Annual Report: Oklahoma City University School of Law Library: Law Librarians as Instructors

Law Librarian Presentations 2012-2013

In 2012-2013, 1,707 members of the law school community participated in 191 presentations given by the law librarians. Additionally, reference librarians provided 18 presentations outside of the law school environment at various association and civic events. Below is an article originally published in the HALL newsletter about one of these outside events.


Legal Research and Writing

Reference librarians are often invited to provide library training to students enrolled in select Legal Research and Writing (LRW) classes. First year students in Legal Research and Writing classes received librarian instruction on the following topics:

  • Secondary Sources
  • Researching Statutes
  • Researching Case Law
  • Using Citators
  • Legislative History
  • Administrative Law Research
  • Oklahoma Legal Research
  • Summer Associate Training

Reference librarians answered 140 questions directly related to LRW exercises. 

In addition to serving as guest lecturers in the LRW classes, the Head of Reference Services also coordinates first year vendor training with Bloomberg, LexisNexis, and Westlaw. The Head of Reference Services not only works directly with the vendors and LRW instructors on organizing these trainings but also fields a number of questions related to signing up for these database and trainings. Read more about these efforts on the Electronic Services page.

This time in the Legal Research and Writing classroom is often the first step in building a strong relationship with the law students. During 2012-2013 reference librarians provided a total 54 trainings in the LRW classes. Each first year law student received at least 6 and up to 8 trainings from the law librarians through their LRW class.

Advanced Legal Research Instruction

Reference librarians team taught Advanced Legal Research: U.S. Law during the fall semester but did not teach a for credit legal research course in the spring semester. This break from teaching allowed time to prepare for two new specialized for credit course offerings taught by the reference librarians. The class offerings are Oklahoma Legal Research for Practitioners and Texas Legal Research for Practitioners and begin in the fall of 2013.

Guest Lectures in Law School Courses

Reference librarians are often called on to provide topical research training in substantive law courses. 19 faculty members invited reference librarians to guest lecture in their class, compared to 9 last year. Selected topics from 2012-2013 include administrative law research, Native American economic development, law of alternative dispute resolution, practice resources, trial practice, contract form books, and federal income tax.

Specialized Research Instruction

Reference librarians offered targeted clinic trainings in both the spring and fall to clinic students in the Oklahoma Innocence Project Clinic, the Native American Wills Clinic, and the Immigration Law Clinic. They provided 11 presentations as well as on-site reference assistance as needed. 23 hours were spent in the clinics and librarians answered 18 reference questions from clinic students and faculty.

Each clinic was provided with a tailored LibGuide. The Immigration Clinic LibGuideOklahoma Innocence Project LibGuide, and the American Indian Wills Clinic LibGuide are publicly available. The American Indian Wills Clinic LibGuide was completed in the spring. The clinic LibGuides are regularly reviewed and updated. The Oklahoma Innocence Project LibGuide is serving as a model for a similar guide at another law school. The clinic specific LibGuides were viewed 594 times.

Law Review
Librarians offer specialized instruction during the law review new member orientation. Access Services librarians train resource editors in locating materials not found in the Law Library collection. Reference librarians work closely with student authors and editors during the tech check process. The Law Library answered 80 questions from Law Review students during 2012-2013.

Moot Court and Trial Practice
Targeted outreach to all of the moot court teams began in 2010 and continued in 2012-2013. Librarians provided specialized training sessions to the NALSA and Jessup teams. A reference librarian was also embedded in the trial practice class and spent aproxamitley 16 hours in the trial practice class.

Award of Accomplishment in Legal Research Skills

297 students participated in the Award of Accomplishment in Legal Research Skills in 2012-2013. 44 of those students completed the program during 2012-2013. The remainder of the participants will have until they graduate to complete the program. Review Praise for the Law Library for student responses to the program.

Award of Accomplishment in Legal Research Skills Offerings Overview

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Overall participation was up significantly from 2011-2012 from 533 to 634 participants in the above course offerings. Despite fewer workshops with assignments being offered, attendance increased 16% to 304 participants. Additionally, librarians were asked to provide substantive guest lectures in more classes, resulting in 233 participants in 2012-2013 a 64% increase from 2011-2012. 

Brown Bag and Student Group Training Sessions

In addition to the 90 minute workshops offered, one hour training sessions were taught throughout the year and students self-selected to attend. Some trainings were a collaborative effort with student organizations and law school departments. All participants in these trainings earned a point towards the Award. Practice oriented courses such as Texas Legal Research and those conducted with student organizations such as the Public Interest Law Group were the most popular.  7 Brown Bag sessions were offered to 45 students on topics ranging from Municipal Code Research to using OSCN. 

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Jessup Moot Court Team

The Jessup training extended beyond a typical training sessions and included two sessions, a general research session for new members and a more in depth session for all of the team members. It also included assistance with setting up a TWEN page for team members to use and direct liaison support as permitted by the Jessup rules of competition. A reference librarian also served as guest judge during the Jessup team's practice rounds.

On Demand Training

Librarians provide on demand training to students daily. Each training is unique. Some select types of on demand training include:

  • Catalog instruction
  • Copying and digitizing guidance
  • Legal intern and summer associate assistance
  • Docket searching
  • Databases instruction
  • Bluebook advice
  • Using current awareness tools
  • Law Review note and seminar paper consultation


American Law Certificate Program

Reference librarians once again offered an instructional session to Chinese students participating in the Certificate in American Law Program for Chinese Students and Lawyers. The session introduces the students to legal research in the United States and provides some comparisons with research and resources available in their own countries. Students also receive a tour of library where highlighted items include legal materials in our collection that are available in their native language.

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