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2012-2013 Annual Report: Oklahoma City University School of Law Library: Library Services for Students

Student Group Support

The Law Library continued to offer formal and informal instruction to all clinic teams, moot court and trial court teams, student activity organizations, and the law review. At the beginning of the fall semester the library directly reaches out to every student group. This past year librarians provided specialized instruction and one on one assistance to:

  • Law Review
  • Jessup International Law Moot Court Team
  • American Bar Association Moot Court Team
  • Native American Law Student Association Moot Court Team
  • Public Interest Law Group
  • Texas Legal Society
  • Native American Wills Clinic
  • Immigration Law Clinic
  • Oklahoma Innocence Clinic

A total of 79 students received instruction through clinic, moot court, trial team, law review, and student organization specialized training. Read more about specialized research trainings on the Law Library as Instructors page.

Law Review and Moot Court Services

The Law Library provides storage space for the Law Review and the moot court teams. Members may retrieve the key for the cabinet from the Circulation Desk and store research materials in the locked cabinets located in the Native American wing for group use. Keys are also checked out to the Law Review editors and a member of each team. Copy cards are also available for the Law Review and select moot court teams. Each group provides funds for their copy card. The moot court teams were also given permission to access the law library during the Thanksgiving and winter breaks when the building was closed to the public and other students so that they could work on their briefs. Reference services and instruction were also provided to the these student organizations. Read more about reference services for students groups on the Law Library as Instructors page.

On Demand Training

Librarians provide on demand training to students daily. Each training is unique. Some select types of on demand training include:

  • Catalog instruction
  • Copying and digitizing guidance
  • Legal intern and summer associate assistance
  • Docket searching
  • Databases instruction
  • Bluebook advice
  • Using current awareness tools
  • Law Review note and seminar paper consultation


Meet the Librarians

Meet the Librarians, an opportunity for the law students to get acquainted with the librarians, began in the 2012-2013 school year.  During the first few weeks of the semester, librarians from all of the departments sit at a table in Sarkeys. Librarians are equipped with iPads, sample resources, handouts, and treats. This event allows the students to become familiar with the library staff.

1L Database Registration

Every year incoming 1Ls must register for LexisNexis, Westlaw and CALI. The library coordinates the sign up process and assists students with registering their information. In July all incoming 1L and transfer students are sent emails with detailed instructions for signing up for Westlaw accounts and TWEN. Included in this information are instructions for accessing Legal Analysis course materials. To do this, the Head of Reference Services works closely with law school administration and staff and the Legal Analysis professors.

In the following weeks student are also sent emails with instructions for signing up for Lexis and CALI. Additionally, handouts with this information are included in the 1L orientation materials.

After registering their accounts, students receive assistance signing up for TWEN courses and mandatory vendor training. While most students are able to sign up for these services without any difficulty, many experience technical difficulty or need one on one assistance. The Library spends a great deal of time in late July and through August providing one on one assistance with database registration and vendor training registration. In the fall of 2012 115 questions were recorded in Gimlet related to database and vendor training registration. Additionally 



In the fall of 2012, for the first time, reference librarians offered organized tours to the entire student population. On the designated tour date tours were offered every hour on the hour. Reference librarians led the tours. Students were notified by email, fliers, and the tours were announced at orientation.

Organized tours were also provided to a group of Hatton Sumners Scholarship Interviewees, prospective students, several undergraduate students, graduate students from Meinder's School of Business, and American Law Certificate students.

Summer Start Orientation

In May 2013 the Law School launched the Summer Start program. Summer Start students are fully enrolled law students and most will graduate with the class of 2016. They took the one-hour Legal Analysis course and Criminal Law during the summer. The Law Library assisted the 23 Summer Start students get set up with library services. The Law Library participated in an abbreviated orientation session for these students providing introductions and 15 minute tours. A smaller scale version of "Meet the Librarians" was also held during the Legal Analysis week. Additionally, Summer Start students were set up with Westlaw, CALI, and Lexis accounts. Beginning the first day of class, Summer Start students received the same 24 hour access and check out privileges of all other students. 

Student Amenities During the Year

Librarians and staff strive to make the Law Library a comfortable place for students. The library provides the following select amenities:

  • Student lounge with cable television
  • Filtered water dispenser
  • Copiers with scanning capabilities
  • iPads
  • VCR and DVD players
  • Magazines and newspapers
  • Soft seating throughout the library
  • Table top reading lights
  • Earplugs
  • Dry erase markers and VGA/HDMI Cables to help with group study
  • Study Rooms
  • Popular News and Political Magazines
  • Newspapers

Student Amenities During the Exam Period

During finals, our students are offered free coffee and  treats. This year's treats were homemade cookies provided by a reference librarian. Students were able to reserve study rooms for group study.  Earplugs,VGA cables, book stands, and dry erase markers are available at the circulation desk. Read more about the library study rooms below. Statistical information about study room usage can be found on the Access Services page.

Study Rooms

The Law Library has 11 study rooms for student use. Due to construction issues the available number of study rooms fluctuated during the 2012-2013 year. All study rooms are equipped with white boards, large computer monitors, and table top outlets. To aid them in their studying and use of the study rooms, students have the opportunity to check out cables and dry erase markers from the circulation desk.  During the exam reading period students can reserve study rooms up to a week in advance. During finals in the Fall and Spring the studyrooms were reserved 1,108 times.

800 N. Harvey Oklahoma City, OK 73102 405.208.5271