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2012-2013 Annual Report: Oklahoma City University School of Law Library: Annual Events

Start of the Year Activities

Meet the librarians: In the first few weeks of classes librarians leave the library and go to where the students congregate in the halls of the law school.  This unique experience allows students to approach a librarian with questions, seek database password assistance, ask for further information about the legal research awards program, or just get a quick sugar fix from the free candy provided. 

Tours:  At the beginning of the fall semester, the librarians offered tours of the law library.  Students could show up at the top of the hour, every hour, and receive a tour of the law library and find out where all of the resources are located, from the study aids to treatises to the periodicals.  We also gave individual tours throughout the year, depending on need.

Orientation:  The librarians were also very involved with orientation for the new students.  Timothy Gatton and Katie Brown served as faculty mentors.  The librarians gave a presentation at orientation on the law library and its services. 

Law Review: At the beginning of the year librarians are traditionally asked to attend a training for law review student where they present on a variety of topics including ILL, note research and ideas and tech check protocol.

LRW Events: Librarians assist first year law students register for Westlaw, Lexis, CALI, and Bloomberg Law, organize and coordinate vendor trainings, and coordinate librarian led research trainings  for the LRW courses.

Read more about these activities on the Library Services for Students page.

LAB-rary 2013

The  2013 LAB-rary was a three day discussion on several aspects of Civility in the legal profession. The discussion took place  both online and in person.Online participants contributed through Twitter and a LibGuide designed for the event . In person participants left comments on a white board in the main lobby of the library. On the third day of the discussion, participants could attend a panel discussion on  the topic of civility held in the library. 

LAB-rary 2013 was 100% hosted and funded by the Oklahoma City University Law Library. Online discussion was fostered by librarians providing links to relevant articles and posing questions about civility through the Law Library Twitter feed and the civility LibGuide. Both were linked or embedded on the School of Law’s website. The panel discussion on the last day occurred in the Native American wing of the Law Library.

Honoring Professor J. William Conger

After discussing the matter with Dean Couch it was determined LAB-rary would be held and named in memory of Professor J. William Conger. The topic of civility was selected for the 2013 year because it was deeply important to him. “Bill was the epitome of civility,” said Dean Valerie K. Couch. “He was kind and gracious, courteous and ethical. He was enthusiastic about teaching and enjoyed his students’ successes. Those who were fortunate enough to learn from Bill, learned much about life and how to be a great attorney and friend. It is a privilege to host this unique forum in his honor.”

LAB-rary 2013 Slideshow

LAB-rary Poster Accepted

In the spring of 2013 a poster about the 2013 LAB-rary was accepted for presentation at the American Association of Law Libraries Annual Meeting in Seattle which was held in July 2013.

National Library Week

The Law Library celebrated the American Library Assoication's National Library Week April 15th-19th, 2013. The Law Library had several fun events and contests to maximize student involvement. Overall participation was up from the prior year. There were 187 unique participants with 479 total entries in the various contests. Each student who participated in at least one contest was entered into the grand prize raffle. The raffle winner won a guaranteed study room during one night of finals, stocked with the winner's choice of cookies and soda.


National Library Week Pictures

Library Week Poster Presented

In the summer of 2012 Jennifer Prilliman presented a poster at the American Association of Law Libraries annual meeting about National Library Week activities at Oklahoma City University Law School Library. 


Final Exams

Exam periods are one of the busiest times of year for the Law Library. As students prepare for finals during reading week and the exam period the student patron count increases. Coffee and cookies are served during finals to give students an extra boost.

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