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2012-2013 Annual Report: Oklahoma City University School of Law Library: Communication and Outreach

New Signs in the Library

The Access Services Department developed and introduced new signage in the library to keep patrons informed about policy changes over the last year. Examples of new signage include updates to the call number range signs to reflect the new Law School logo, the addition of signs instructing patrons about the new book carts in each wing, and new "Please do not leave your items unattended" signs. The Access Services Department will continue to work on updating all library signage so that it is consistant and displays the new Law School logo. 

New Law School Branding

In April the Law School began a capital campaign to support the purchase of the the historic Central High School building in downtown Oklahoma City. The Law Library is supporting the branding efforts of the campaign by incorporating the new building logo in library publications and signage.

The library can also be seen in the campaign's video

New University Branding

Last year, Oklahoma City University began using new branding in signage, apparel, and materials. Included in the branding are updated icons and a new official shade of blue.

The Law Library incorporated these changes into social media avatars and signage. We have also changed how we speak about the university. To distinguish OCU from the other local universities and colleges with similar initialis, an effort has been made to use the full title of the university in official communications. 


In June the Law Library launched a Pinterest account. The purpose of the Pinterest account was to share highly visual information about the Law Library with patrons and to connect with other libraries and librarians across the country. The Oklahoma City University Law Library is one of the first law libraries to integrate this tool into their social media presence. In May the Head of Reference Services and the Interlibrary Loan Librarian carefully crafted a library Pinterest policy that establishes the goals and guidelines for the account. The Law Library primarily follows other libraries. 36 organizations and individuals follow the Law Library on Pinterest. New boards are being selectively added and curated. The Library Twitter account and Pinterest account are linked and will be used together to promote events and resources when possible.

To view the Law Library's Pinterest account, click here.


Displays are located on all floors of the law library. The 2012-2013 marketing plan is used as a guide for where, when, and what should be placed on display throughout the year. As timely and historic events or major legal cases occur a display is created outside of the original plan. Last year the Law Library created 32 topical displays in the Reference Wing and across from the Circulation Desk, 12 displays in the Award of Accomplishment in Legal Research Skills display case, 3 displays in the Law School Certificate display case, 4 featured author displays highlighting popular reading, and 20 displays highlighting new books, Native American materials and other library events, for a total of 71 displays. Below are examples of the Law Library's 2012-2013 displays.

The Gavel

Librarians update The Gavel, the Law Libary's blog, several times each week. Posts included library news, current events, and other legal topics. When new posts are added to The Gavel, a link to the post is tweeted from the Law Library's Twitter account. From October 26, 2012 to June 30, 2013, links to 99 blog posts were tweeted using the Twitter app, TwitterFeed. From these tweets, the posts were viewed 236 times. The posts that received the most views through the Twitter account were:

  • "Fastcase Improved!" (14),
  • "Display Honoring Professor J. William Conger" (11),
  • "Seventeen Students Earn Award of Accomplishment in Legal Research Skills" (10),
  • "Social Media and the Law" (9), and
  • "This Week's Award...Fastcase" (8).

Twitter Treats

One way the Library markets the Library Twitter feed and engages with students is through "Twitter Treats." At the beginning of each semester and during National Library Week the Law Library librarians hide candy and snacks somewhere in the collection. Hints about the treat's location are tweeted until a law student finds the treat.



The Law Library launched its Twitter account in the Fall of 2010 and now has 454 followers. The Law Library tweets about library and law school events, news of interest to law students, legal education information, items of interest to other law librarians, and local community information. The Law Library is in the process of reviewing its social media policy and hopes to have revised policies completed in the next year. The Law Library tweeted 519 original tweets year. The Law Library was mentioned in 71 tweets. From December through June, the library received 13 replies to library tweets, was retweeted 40 times, mention 19 times, and received 7 direct messages. The Law Library has been retweeted by  the American Association of Law Libraries, Mid-America Association of Law Libraries, the University of Nebraska School of Law Library, students, alumni, and law school staff.

Ask a librarian

 Ask-A-Librarian provides patrons the opportunity to submit reference questions at any time of day using an online form. Responses to the question are provided within two business days in accordance with the Law Library's social media policy. 17 questions were asked and answered using this feature.


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