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2012-2013 Annual Report: Oklahoma City University School of Law Library: The Collection


An 18 month inventory project was completed in February 2013. According to library records a full inventory had not been completed since 1993.

Student workers and circulation staff inventoried 126,112 items. During the project some missing items were replaced, processed, and put back on the shelves but over 1,500 records for titles were deleted and not replaced.

Popular Reading

The Popular Reading Collection in the 3rd floor lobby is home to a variety of fiction and non-fiction titles for pleasure reading. In the last year, items from this collection have circulated 32 times.

Listed below are the 3 most circulated titles from this collection:


Robert Burke Supreme Court Autograph Collection
This collection was donated to the Law Library by alumnus Robert Burke. Significant items in the collection have been digitized.

Oklahoma City University Law Library Oral History Project
This collection contains audio clips from interviews of twenty three attorneys and judges throughout the state of Oklahoma. Participants shared insights about their experiences, Oklahoma courts, and unique aspects of the Oklahoma judicial system. Transcript excerpts and audio clips are available from the law library’s website. Full audio files and complete transcripts are available for checkout.

Justice Marion P. Opala Memorabilia Collection
Opala served as a Justice of the Oklahoma Supreme Court for thirty two years. This collection contains personal mementos, memorabilia, photographs, and other items. They are currently held in the Law Library Archives room.

Ralph A. Barney, Attorney At Law Archive Collection
This is a collection of briefs submitted to the U.S. 10th Circuit Court of Appeals and other legal items saved by Barney. They are available to copy upon request.


The Law Library provides access to select law related eBooks through Ebrary. Ebrary titles are accessible through the catalog or through the Ebrary link. Law students also have access to the Ebrary titles available through the Oklahoma City University Dulaney-Browne Library. The Law School's Ebrary account was launched in January of 2013. Titles are not purchased until significant portions are downloaded by patrons. Patrons may browse portions of the title before triggering a purchase. By using this type of demand driven acquisition the library is able to integrate hundreds of titles into the catalog while limiting purchases to titles being used by the law school community. Read more about the library's Ebrary account on the Electronic Services page.

Extra Credit Reading Collection

Important literary works touching on estates and family law were selected by Professor Carla Spivack, with assistance from a reference librarian, and made available for her students. Professor Spivack offered her students extra credit for reading these books. The books were placed in the reference wing near the study aid section. 18 titles were added to the collection for this project.

Most Circulated Items

The most circulated items in our collection this year were mostly Permanent Reserve items. Many of these are required texts for courses.

Google Visualization API Sample

Native American Collection

The Native American Collection contains periodicals, reference materials, oversize books, and Pro Se materials in addition to treatises. In 2012, the Library of Congress announced a new classification schedule for Law of the Indigenous Peoples. Over the past year, new and current titles were changed from KF to KIA-KIX. For more information on this project please see the Technical Services page.

262 items from this collection circulated 347 times this year. 

In the spring, our large, tabletop display was dedicated to the Jodi G. Marquette American Indian Wills Clinic. This display featured books from the NA Collection as well as items on loan from the clinic's instructor, Casey Ross-Petherick.

Below are the most circulated items from this collection:

DVD Collection

The DVD collection in the reference wing is home to both instructional videos and popular films and television shows. 194 items from this collection circulated 316 times this year: 218 circulations in the fall and 98 in the spring.. ?Listed below are the 5 most circulated titles from this collection.

Print Collection growth

Top ten areas of collection growth in monographs

1.  KF – Law, United States - $24,812.21
2.  K – Law, General - $6,528.34
3.  JZ – International Law - $2,662.01
4.  E – History of the U.S. - $1462.93
5.  Z - Books, Library Science, Bibl. - $1074.94
6.  PR - English Literature - $1032.82
7.  KFO – Law, Oklahoma - $933.50
8.  HD -  Economic history - $868.37
9.  KD – Law, Great Britain – $830.80
10.  HV – Social Pathology, Criminology - $770.18

Top five areas of collection growth in monographs in the KF classification

1. Civil procedure
2. Legal Profession
3. Social Legislation
4. Criminal Law
5. Court Organization and Procedure

Study Aids Collection

The Law Library collects select series of study aids. 310 titles are currently held in the Study Aids collection.

145 items from the Study Aid collection in the reference wing circulated 560 times last year. 

Current editions are available in the Study Aid section of the Law Library or on reserve. Current editions must be used in the library. Study aids were browsed 507 times in 2012-2013. If there is a star on the spine of the study aid, it may be checked out overnight after 6 PM. Students took advantage of overnight checkouts 34 times last year. Older editions may be available for students to check out for three weeks and are located in the general collection. 

Below are the most circulated items from this collection:

Judicial Papers

Progress continued on indexing Robert H. Henry's personal and judicial papers. This fascinating and immense collection of materials is currently housed in 131 boxes. The Head of Reference Services finished indexing and preparing the finding aid for the collection was finished last fall. The library is also pursuing grant opportunities to purchase archival quality storage materials. Once funding is secured, the materials will be reorganized based on the index to aid future researchers. This project has and will continue to require many hours of detailed work by reference librarians and further assistance from law student reference assistants.

Print Materials Used Within the Library



used within
the library

03-04 7284 (71%) 3013 (29%)
04-05 7192 (71%) 2874 (29%)
05-06 6281 (56%) 4979 (44%)
06-07 14641 (68%) 6869 (32%)
07-08 7413 (57%) 5683 (43%)
08-09 5788 (52%) 5363 (48%)
09-10 5103 (47%) 5641 (53%)
10-11 5758 (47%) 6405 (53%)
11-12 3470 (27%) 9258 (73%)
12-13 2490 (23%) 8495 (77%)


Over the past 10 years the use of print materials has shifted primarily to use by patorns within the law library. 24 hour access to the building has eliminated some of the need for students to take materials home. The continuation of reference instruction to the Legal Research and Writing courses in the Law Library has lead to an increase in library material browsing and use during class.

Print Collection Use by Subject Classification

The most circulated call number range of our collection is KF (Law, United States). KFO (Oklahoma law), E (History), and PN (Literary history) are some of the other popular call number ranges. 

LC Class description


KF - Law,
United States


KFO - Oklahoma, Oregon, Ohio

E - History: United States 264
K - Law (General) 237

PN - Literary History and Collections

HV - Social Pathology, Social and Public Welfare, Criminology  129

JZ - International Law


KD - United Kingdom and Ireland


KFT - Tennessee, Texas


Z - Books, Library Science, Bibliography



The top ten call number ranges within KF (U.S. Law) are listed below. 

LC Class Description

Circulation Count

KF 8810-9075 Courts. Procedure: Civil Procedure


KF 50-90 Statutes and Administrative Regulations


KF 801 Contracts: General and Comprehensive Works


KF 297-334.2 The Legal Profession


KF 154 Encyclopedias


KF 1246-1327 Torts


KF 250-251 Legal Composition and Draftsmanship


KF 261-292 Legal Education


KF 240-247 Legal Research. Legal Bibliography


KF 4546-4554 Constitutional Law: General Works


KF 9601-9760 Criminal Procedure


Downsizing the Print Collection

During the year, the law library selectively weeded specific resources in the print collection. Resources focused on were study aids, text books, CLE and state specific materials.This effort freed up funds to purchase other electronic resources and created more library study space for students. 

Evaluating and Weeding the Reference Collection

The Reference Librarian for Public, Clinic, and Student Services and a law student reference assistant evaluated the reference collection. They weeded out materials that were too outdated, irrelevant, or now freely available through electronic sources. An excel spreadsheet was created with each reference title and the bibliographic information. The reference librarian then went title by title to make recommendations on each items housed in the reference collection. The spreadsheet with the recommendations was evaluated by all the reference Librarian including the Law Library Director. The weeded items were pulled and added to the sale cart. 57 titles were weeded from the collection.

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