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2012-2013 Annual Report: Oklahoma City University School of Law Library: Facilities

Classrooms & Faculty Meeting Space

The two seminar rooms in the Native American wing were available as regular classrooms beginning in the fall 2012 semester. 

Classroom 169 was used by 4 classes during the fall semester and 2 during the spring semester. Classroom 170 was used by 3 classes during the fall semester and 3 classes during the spring semester. 507.9 hours of classes were held in the library last year.

Due to major flood damage in Sarkeys, all summer courses had to be relocated. 153 students from 9 courses and their final exams were held in the library classrooms.  

The Special Collections room is available to faculty for reservation year round. Last year, it was reserved on 63 different occasions over the course of the year by faculty for meetings and class activities.

Patron Count 2012-2013

To determine the total patron count for the fiscal year, the library combined the number of patrons who visited the library during the day with the number of students who accessed the building overnight using 24 hour access.

42,686 patrons visited the Law Library from July 1, 2012 through June 30, 2013.

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In 2012-2013, students had access to the library 8,108 out of 8,736 possible hours (92.8%). Students made use of 24 hour access 2,433 times over the course of the year: 1,289 times during the fall and 1,184 times in the spring and summer. More information about the 24 hour access policy is available on the Law Library's website.

The Law Library is open to the public each day until 9pm during the fall and spring semesters. Student workers visit every wing of the library and count the number of patrons throughout the day. Patron count statistics are recorded on paper and entered into an Access database. When collecting patron count information, the staff and students use their best judgment in classifying patrons into discrete categories: law students, non-law students, attorneys and alumni, and general public/non-OCU patrons.

These headcounts determine the daytime patron count for the library. This year, 40,253 patrons visited the library during the hours the circulation desk was open.  

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Our busiest month was November, with 6,018 visitors.

Patron and Circulation Count by Hour

To determine how to best serve library patrons and when to staff the desk, there are two numbers taken into account: the average number of patrons by hour and the total circulations by hour.

The time of day when the most patrons visit the library is 1pm, between morning and afternoon classes. 


Average circulation counts by hour show 8am and 8pm are the busiest times of day. 

Flood Damage

On May 31, 2013 areas of the Oklahoma City University campus, including Sarkeys and the Law Library were damaged by flooding. Sarkeys was uninhabitable for several weeks and all of the law school offices and most of the summer courses were relocated to the Gold Star building. Dean Couch, Assistant Dean Snavely, Assistant Dean Serrata, and 18 staff members made temporary offices in the library.

The lobby of the 3rd floor, the elevator, the circulation desk, and three of the librarian's offices were the areas most badly damaged. While repairs were made, the librarians and staff made a makeshift office in Special Collections. 

Tuckpointing and New Windows

Tuckpointing work has continued on the exterior of the Gold Star building. The majority of the old mortar has been carefully removed and replaced on the tower over the course of the last year and new windows have been installed in the tower.This project will continue as work is completed on the building's foundation.


In the fall, Professor Casey Ross-Petherick secured an artwork donation for the library from Cherokee artist Joseph Erb. Professor Ross-Petherick generously paid for the framing of the work.

Professor Ross-Petherick also donated several items from her personal collection. Her donations have enhanced both the the Native American Wing and the Native American Collection. 

Faculty Publications Display

The Faculty Scholarship electronic slides display on 2N was redesigned this year. Each slide contains an image of the first page or cover of the most recent scholarship of each full time faculty member. Each month, the slides are updated based on new publications or requests from faculty.

Expanded Access for Student Groups

Moot court competitors, with their advisors, are able to access the building and library materials during holiday closings. Their StarCard access is adjusted to allow building entry during the winter break. This gives competitors more time to research and create documents for spring competitions. Law librarians were also available during this time via phone and email to assist. Moot court competitors made use of their additional access 44 times.

Recent Graduates Preparing for the Bar Exam

24 hour access privileges are extended to recent graduates of the law school to accommodate them as they study for the February and July bar exams. 48 students were granted 24 hour access leading up to the February 2013 bar exam and 122 students were granted access for the July 2013 bar exam. Between the end of spring finals and the first day of the bar exam, bar takers were seen in the library 358 times. 

In June 2013, leading up the bar exam up to 24 bar-takers at a time could be found studying in the library.

Final Exams

Exam periods are one of the busiest times of year for the Law Library. As students prepare for finals during reading week and the exam period the student patron count increases. Coffee and cookies are served during finals to give students an extra boost.

Furniture Donations from Dean Couch

Law students have a new quiet, cozy place to take a break or study thanks to a donation from Dean Couch. A sofa if now available in the 3rd floor lobby and two comfy chairs are available in the Native American wing.

Maintenance and Repairs

A building of Gold Star's age and size requires regular maintenance and repairs. When repairs such as window replacement occur, the law library will post to the Gavel and the Twitter account information about which wings are the quietest and most comfortable.

800 N. Harvey Oklahoma City, OK 73102 405.208.5271