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2012-2013 Annual Report: Oklahoma City University School of Law Library: 2013-2014 Foreshadowing

Annual Report Contacts for Additional Information

Katie Brown
Associate Director

Jennifer Prilliman
Head of Reference Services
Law Library Professor

Jenny Watson
Head of Access Services

Law Library Projects 2013-2014

Vendor Discussion Panel
The Law Library will host a legal research focused vendor panel. Representatives from Westlaw, Bloomberg Law,  Lexis and Fast Case will speak on a topic significant to our law student population.

LCNA and Linked Data for Faculty
Many of Oklahoma City University's Law Faculty who have published monographs or other long works have been assigned Library of Congress Name Authorities. The Library of Congress has begun minting URIs based on LCNAs. These URIs promote these resources to first-class, dereferenceable web resources (also known as linked data). The library will begin incorporating these faculty URIs in existing bibliographic records.

Moving Preparation
In preparation for the future move downtown, the librarians will be involved in many projects including large scale weeding.

Reference Department Procedure and Policy Manual
The Reference Department will complete a procedure manual that will outline department policies and projects.

Book Scanner
The library has purchased a book2net Spirit walk-up book scanner for student use. This scanner will allow students to take full color images to be saved to a USB drive or emailed. This scanner will also be used in future digitization projects.

Awesome box
The Awesome Box is a collaboration with the Harvard Library Innovation Lab. It allows the community to see what others have found helpful, entertaining, or mind-blowing.

Specialized Research Classes
Reference librarians with be enhancing their valuable for credit research instruction with state specific research instruction geared to practice in Oklahoma and Texas.

LAB-rary 2014
After a successful LAB-rary in the 2012- 2013 year this three day legal intellectual exchange will return. This year's LAB-rary theme will be a conversation about New Techniques for Legal Practice.

Faculty training 
In the fall and spring semesters faculty training will be offered. Topics for this years training are,Your Digital Presence and Ways and Reasons to Enhance It and Scholarship Submission and Citation Awareness 

Video Tutorials
Reference librarians will be preparing video tutorials to support new instruction techniques such as flipping the classroom and just in time trainings.

Financial Assessment of Special Collection Materials 
The Technical Services and Access Services departments are working together to assess the financial value of the rare books held in Special Collections (located in the reference wing). 

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