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2011-2012 Annual Report: Oklahoma City University School of Law Library: Access Services

Librarians and Staff

Jenny Watson and Natalie DeBerry have completed 128.5 hours of online, local, and national professional development in the last year. The access services department is largely responsible for creating and maintaining Patron LibGuides, which received 1137 hits late year.

Circulation Assistants

Bill Wakeham
Mica Walters
Rebecca West
Ann Worthington 

Student Workers during 2011-2012

Inga Ardevanidze
Reed Bentley 
Katherine Benton 
Ashwin Changarankumarath Pradeep
Ezekiel Gentle
Arshia Iftiqhar
Gloria Jones
Jiabao Liu 
Jeanne Lynn

Tabitha Wangui

Continuing Circulation Projects

Access services staff are hard at work on ongoing projects.  Access services staff create several displays each year, both topical (like the Prohibition display below) and highlighting library rules and services.

Both Jenny Watson and Natalie DeBerry served on this year's National Library Week committee and all access services staff were active in National Library Week events including twitter treats, free coffee, the M&M contest, and handing out prizes.

Access services staff also manage the weeding of the newspapers and magazine collection held in the 2nd floor lobby and 3 South wing. 

As the collection grows,  access services staff are responsible for shifting materials, moving furniture, and building storage management. Part of this process is digitizing paper records and streamlining record keeping. 


The newly implemented demerits policy was deemed a success. Demerits are utilized as an alternative to monetary fines. You can learn more about our demerits policy on the Law Library website.

This proactive approach to timely returns of materials contributed to a decrease in overdue books. Of all circulations in the past year, only 12% were turned in after their due date.

Overdue books by fiscal year

Since implementing demerits after the spring 2011 semester overdue reserve materials dropped significantly

Permanent and Course Reserve Count

Permanent Reserve items are popular items held behind the circulation desk. Course Reserve items are required texts listed on course syllabi or items placed on reserve by faculty request. Both Permanent and Course Reserves are 2 hour checkouts for use in the library. 

New Policies

Several new non-book materials are available for patrons to check out this year. The AV Collection moved to the reference wing with discs housed behind the circulation desk. Students now have greater access to DVDs previously available only to faculty members for use in the classroom.

In addition to headphones and dry erase kits, TV kits have been created for each study room.  These kits contain cables for hooking laptops up to the monitors. VGA and HDMI splitters enable students to connect up to four laptops at a time to the television screens in the study rooms, improving collaborative study.

Training for circulation student workers has also changed in the past year with new training checklists, review tests, and Library of Congress call number training. Student workers work overlapping shifts to ensure full desk coverage, use an iPad to perform sweeps, and shelve browsed materials faster.

Current editions of study aids are available in the Study Aids section or on reserve for use in the library. If there is a star on the spine of the study aid, after 6pm it may be checked out overnight to be returned two hours after the circulation desk opens the next morning.

Total Circulation Count

In the last year, 12,728 items were circulated. The Law Library defines a circulation as an item charged and then discharged from a patron account. Included in our annual circulation count are items used in the library by our patrons but not brought to the circulation desk; we call these browsed items. Patrons are encouraged to leave browsed items on carts located in every wing:

Circulation Count by Patron Group

Law students checked out 2065 items this year accounting for 17% of circulations. The busiest month for student circulations was November with 300 circulations.  Law Student circulations were slightly lower this year compared to last, possibly due to changes in Permanent Reserve shelving. Late in the previous fiscal year, study aids were moved to the reference wing where students can browse these materials rather than check them out.

Law faculty circulations have increased since last year. Since July 1, 2011, law faculty checked out 1,319 items accounting for 11% of circulations. The busiest month for faculty circulations was February with 205 circulations.

Alumni and local attorneys accounted for 3% of total circulations in 2011-2012. Use of the Law Library's print materials by members of the local bar has more than doubled this year compared to 2010-2011.

Study Room Usage

Students used the Law Library's 10 rooms for group study throughout the year. Law students checked out kits to plug their laptops into the large monitors or whiteboard kits to make outlines. In the exam reading period of Fall 2011 5 rooms were available for students to reserve and 7 rooms were available in the exam reading period of Spring 2012. This fiscal year, students reserved over 2000 hours. Reservations were made through the online catalog up to a week in advance in 1-4 hour blocks.

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