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2011-2012 Annual Report: Oklahoma City University School of Law Library: Library Services for Faculty

Reference Desk Outside Faculty Services Office

A mobile reference desk constructed by Facilities was placed on the 2nd floor lobby outside of Faculty Support Services. This desk provides reference librarians with an established location to conduct "faculty reference hours" close to a majority of the faculty offices. 56 of the 640 questions asked by the faculty occurred during faculty reference hours at the reference desk. Faculty reference hours were scheduled in the fall and spring semesters.

Librarians as Guest Lecturer for Faculty

Several faculty members requested the reference librarians act as a guest lecturers in their course and provide topic specific research training. These lectures cater to the particular needs of the faculty and vary in length. Students participating in the  Award of Accomplishment in Legal Research Skills program receive one point for attendance at these guest lectures. A selected list of topics from last year's lectures are Federal Income Tax, Contracts Form Books, Administrative Law, International Intellectual Property Law, and Immigration Law.

The librarians have a close and positive working relationship with the Legal Research and Writing (LRW) instructors. Last year the reference librarians were thrilled to be invited to guest lecture in all LRW sections.  

Course Reserve

Each semester circulation staff pull syllabi from StarNet and the campus bookstore textbook list to identify materials to put on Course Reserve. A binder with syllabi, contact information, and faculty photos is kept behind the desk to give law students an opportunity to take a quick glance at assignments or find faculty office numbers. This binder is also used to train new circulation staff and student workers.

Librarian Faculty Liaison Program

The successful Law Librarian Faculty Liaison program continued this year. With a new librarian on staff, some liaisons were reassigned.  Liaisons became familiar with their new faculty members' areas of interest. For their assigned faculty they evaluated if the library owned resources to aid their in class preparation and scholarship. During the year they made purchasing recommendations in their faculty's areas of interests. Faculty also made collection recommendations through their library liaison or by contacting the Law Library Director.  This year, the faculty made 78 purchasing requests for the collection totaling $15,524.20 Library liaisons also provided research updates, current awareness, and preemptive searching for writing projects on requested topics. Additionally, librarians prepared bibliographies, research guides, presentations on library resources and offered one on one trainings on electronic resources and instructional technology tools. Copyright permissions for electronic and print reproduction of materials for the law faculty were also provided on request.


Faculty Scholarship

  • The Faculty Scholarship electronic slides display on 2N was redesigned this year. Each slide contains an image of the first page or cover of the most recent scholarship of each full time faculty member. The image and title information was updated throughout the year.

  • Library liaisons created and continued to update the Selected Works sites for each full time faculty member.  

  • Upon request, faculty were provided with one on one ExpressO submission assistance and training.

  • As in past years, the librarians and reference assistants compiled a works cited report for the law school dean and full time faculty.

Faculty Purchases from ILL

Due to the nature of their studies, faculty members often need interlibrary loan materials longer than standard lending library due dates. Access Services staff routinely request renewals for interlibrary loan items charged to faculty members. If an interlibrary loan request has been renewed more than twice, Access Services staff make a purchase recommendation for the item to the Law Library Director. This year the library spent $1,337.61 on 33 items  based on faculty interlibrary loan usage.

Clinic Services

For the first time, the clinics were assigned a librarian liaison to work with student teams and clinic faculty. These embedded librarians spent 36 hours in the clinics providing on-site reference assistance to the faculty and students involved clinics. Additionally, each clinic was provided with a tailored LibGuide. The Immigration Clinic LibGuide and the Innocence Project LibGuide have been publicly published. The Innocence Project LibGuide is serving as a model for a similar clinic guide at another law school. This year the publicly available clinic specific LibGuides have been viewed 228 times.

Faculty Specific Libguides

Patron Guides were created in the last year to educate Law Library patrons about library services. Full time and adjunct faculty have individual guides available that address their particular privileges in relation to the library. In the last fiscal year, pages in the Adjunct Faculty Library Guide were viewed 208 times and pages from the Law Faculty Library Guide were viewed 190 times.

Upon request from a faculty member or to assist instruction, reference librarians created topical LibGuides. These guides may be privately published for the members of the course or openly published for the general public.



Faculty Survey

Every other year the Law Library solicits feedback from the faculty through a survey. During last fiscal year 15 members of the faculty completed the survey. The results provided valuable data about the faculty's current needs and use of library resources and services. For more information about the 2011- 2012 faculty survey results please view the Outcome Measures and Assessment page of this guide.

Faculty Office Copies

The library has adopted a "just in time" model of collection development. Full time faculty members now have the opportunity to request faculty office copies of purchases from either the Director of the Law Library or their Law Library liaisons. In the last year, 45 office copies not related to interlibrary loan were purchased for the faculty at a cost of $3,963.34.



Periodical Routing

Current issues of law reviews are displayed for one week on the bookshelf in the 2 South hallway. After the week they are shelved in the Native American Wing unless a faculty member has requested a title routed to them. Last year 53 periodical titles were routed to 22 faculty members 

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