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2011-2012 Annual Report: Oklahoma City University School of Law Library: Electronic Services Update

New additions

In 2011-2012 the Law Library added the following electronic resources to the collection:

Law students are able to set up free CaseMaker accounts so they can learn how to use this valuable tool before entering the legal job market. CaseMaker is purchased by numerous bar associations, including Texas and Kansas, and provided freely to those bar members.

Environment & Energy Publishing 
This source provides comprehensive news and alerts related to environment and energy law.


QR Code

248,750 QR Codes are available for every catalog record. Patrons may use their mobile devices to scan the QR Code, which causes the catalog record to appear on their mobile device and they can go out into the collection with the record.


Collection Development

The library continually reviews and evaluates the electronic collection to insure resources are  spent on services and tools faculty and students need for research. Librarians work with the Law Library consortia group MALLCO, vendors, and faculty to identify and purchase useful databases or discontinue those that no longer serve patrons' needs.

Public Access Terminals

Ten online public access terminals are available for use by all library users including Pro Se patrons, alumni, and other local attorneys. Currently the three computers in 1 North may be used to access library databases, print documents, complete online forms, read pdf files, and manipulate documents. They also provide access to the OBA Formbook CD-Rom and Kendall Svengalis's Legal Information Buyer's Guide. One terminal serves as a dedicated "Shepard's Terminal." Attorneys and Pro Se patrons may use this terminal to update their cases for free.


The library purchased additional iPads this year and designated two for patron use. These patron iPads have been preloaded with law and news related apps and will be available in the Native American wing. The purpose of making the iPads available is to give students hands on practice using tablet technology. They also provide an opportunity for students to take a break from studying and relax in the new soft seating while browsing current events or the Internet. The patron iPads will be available beginning Fall 2012.

Legal Research Databases

Google Visualization API Sample

For most of the databases shown, the data from 2011-2012 was gathered by determining click-throughs from the library's Database page. The 2010-2011 data was gathered from the prior annual report, which reported the click-through data beginning January 2011. Therefore this data set reflects average usage over the past 24 months. However, for LLMC Digital and Early English Books Online, site visit data for both 2011-2011 and 2011-2012 was available from the vendor.

Multi Disciplinary Databases


Google Visualization API Sample

Serial Solutions

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Serial Solutions provides two services to the Law Library, the A-Z List and Article Linker. The A-Z List combines journal holding information from the Law Library's catalog and databases. It then generates a list of the Law Library's print and electronic journal holdings and displays where in the library's physical or electronic collection that journal may be found. Article Linker allows users to locate the full text of an article within the library's holdings through the Law Library's journal indexes. The "Titles Accessed" line reflects a combination of journal titles accessed using the A-Z List and Article Linker. More detailed information about specific titles and databases accessed using Serial Solutions is available upon request.


Google Visualization API Sample

In 2011-2012 there were 246 research sessions conducted in LegalTrac resulting in 1018 total searches run. There were 292 research sessions conducted in Index to Legal Periodicals resulting in 822 searches run.

In the spring of 2011 the publisher of Index to Legal Periodicals, WIlson Web, was purchased by EBSCOHost. When EBSCOHost acquired Index to Legal Periodicals, historical usage data from Wilson Web became unavailable. Therefore historical usage information for Wilson Web is limited. Additionally, Dulaney-Browne is the administer of Oklahoma City University's EBSCOHost account and separating out the usage statistics has been challenging.

The use of Index to Legal Periodicals increased dramatically. A breakdown of the number of searches by month shows that usage was high in November and December of 2011 and February of 2012. Reference librarians have been teaching students to use Index to Legal Periodicals in the  Award of Accomplishment in Legal Research Skills classes and this with the combined Dulaney-Browne statistics may be the cause of the significant increase in usage.

Westlaw and Westlaw Next

Westlaw and Westlaw Next Transactions by Students

Hours Connected Transactions
Westlaw Classic  9,096  36,526
Westlaw Next 40,135 249,152
Total 49,232 285,678

Westlaw Classic and WestlawNext Transactions by Faculty

Hours Connected Transactions
Westlaw Classic 3,384 34,556
Westlaw Next 1,515 9,348
Total 4,899 43,904


Westlaw Top Ten Searches


 % of



10.58 %
U.S. Courts of Appeals Cases
7.99 %
Oklahoma Cases
Oklahoma Statutes Annotated
4.81 %
United States Code Annotated
U.S. Supreme Court Cases 3.87%
Couch on Insurance
3.08 %
U.S. District Court Cases 2.86 %
Restatements of the Law of Contracts
1.62 %
American Jurisprudence 2nd
1.26 %

2011-2012 usage information for Westlaw and Westlaw Next was provided by the vendor. Transactions inlude basic searches as well as citation searches.


 Hours Connected Searches Citations
5274.81 26,326 29,551


Top Ten Lexis Libraries


General Federal Cases, Register, Supreme Court Briefs, Code of Federal Regulations and Federal Court

RIAG's Public Records Library
Combined Federal and State Case Files, US and ALR.
Matthew Bender & Company, Inc.Publications
Oklahoma Law Library
Texas Law Library
Selected filings from federal and state courts, including briefs, motions, pleadings and jury instructions
Law Reviews
Secondary Legal ResearchSource Materials
Court Briefs,Pleadings & Motions

LexisNexis provided the usage data for 2011-2012. LexisNexis provides transactional information for the number of citations pulled and the number of searches cinducted. There were 55,877  total transactions in LexisNexis.


*Site visit information is not available for these years.
** Site visits beginning January 2010

ProQuest Congressional

Google Visualization API Sample

ProQuest Congressional (formerly LexisNexis Congressional) usage has increased significantly in the past two years. Students are taught to use this database in both Legal Research and Writing library trainings and Award of Accomplishment in Legal Research Skills workshops. See the correlation chart on the Outcome Measures and Assessments page for more information

CALI Lessons

Google Visualization API Sample

First Search

Google Visualization API Sample

Firstsearch is used by patrons and librarians to locate materials both in the Law Library and from other libraries. When materials are not available through the Law Library patrons may submit interlibrary loan requests through Firstsearch. Firstsearch's rate of usage has risen with the interlibrary loan usage statistics.

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