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2011-2012 Annual Report: Oklahoma City University School of Law Library: The Collection


Over the past year, the access services department has been inventorying every item in the print collection. More than 113,000 items have been inventoried so far. This does not include items without barcodes. 894 items have been marked as lost due to the inventory project, and dozens of items previously marked lost and missing have been found in unexpected places. This project is expected to be completed in Fall 2012.

Popular Reading

The library owns many fiction and non-fiction titles that our patrons use for pleasure reading. These materials are now highlighted in the new Popular Reading Collection in the 3rd floor lobby. Patrons can spend a quiet moment taking a break from their studies or check out these materials and relax at home. The library is now actively collecting more materials for this section.

Downsizing the print collection

During the year, the law library selectively downsized specific resources in the print collection. This effort freed up funds to purchase other electronic resources and created more library study space for students. 


Robert Burke Supreme Court Autograph Collection
This collection was donated to the Law Library by alumnus Robert Burke. Significant items in the collection have been digitized.

Oklahoma City University Law Library Oral History Project
This collection contains audio clips from interviews of twenty three attorneys and judges throughout the state of Oklahoma. Participants shared insights about their experiences, Oklahoma courts, and unique aspects of the Oklahoma judicial system. Transcript excerpts and audio clips are available from the law library’s website. Full audio files and complete transcripts are available for checkout.

Justice Marion P. Opala Memorabilia Collection
Opala served as a Justice of the Oklahoma Supreme Court for thirty two years. This collection contains personal mementos, memorabilia, photographs, and other items. They are available in the Archives room.

Ralph A. Barney, Attorney At Law Archive Collection
This is a collection of briefs submitted to the U.S. 10th Circuit Court of Appeals and other legal items saved by Barney. They are available upon request.

Native American Collection

The Native American Collection moved to the 1 South wing in March 2012. In Fall 2012 the 1 South wing was renamed the Native American Wing. This growing collection has significantly expanded in the last few years. In this diverse legal collection patrons are also able to find Native American periodicals, reference materials, oversize books, and Pro Se materials. With wider aisles and new signage, the Native American collection is even more popular than before.

DVD Collection

In the past year, the library has been replacing VHS with DVDs. The continually growing AV collection has moved from behind the circulation desk. This provides students more access to a wider range of materials including popular movies, documentaries, and instructional videos.

Study Aids

The Law Library collects select series of study aids. Current editions are available in the Study Aid section of the Law Library or on reserve. Current editions must be used in the library. If there is a star on the spine of the study aid, it may be checked out overnight after 6 PM.  Older editions are available for students to check out for three weeks and are located in the general collection. The library actively collects the following series:

  • Examples and Explanations
  • Nutshells
  • Hornbooks
  • Concise Hornbooks
  • Understanding the Law

Print Collection growth

Top ten areas of collection growth in monographs

1.  KF – Law, United States - $29,422.15

2.  K – Law, General - $14,488.28

3.  E – History of the U.S. - $9,881.90

4.  KFO – Law, Oklahoma - $2,848.50

5.  JZ – International Law - $2,798.93

6.  KJC – Law, Europe - $2,348.72

7.  HV – Social Pathology, Criminology - $1,678.3

8.  KD – Law, Great Britain – $1,299.54

9.  KNQ – Law, China - $1,292.51

10. KJE – Law, Regional organization and integration (Europe) – $826.66

Top five areas of collection growth in monographs in the KF classification

1. Civil procedure

2. Taxation

3. Dictionaries & Encyclopedias

4. The Legal Profession

5. Regulation of Industry & Trade

Judicial Papers

Progress continued on the indexing of Robert H. Henry's personal and judicial papers. This fascinating and immense collection of materials is currently housed in 140 boxes. The indexing and finding aid for the collection should be completed in Fall 2012. The library is also pursuing grant opportunities to purchase archival quality storage materials.

Print Materials Used Within the Library



used within
the library

02-03 7193 (76%) 2303 (24%)
03-04 7284 (71%) 3013 (29%)
04-05 7192 (71%) 2874 (29%)
05-06 6281 (56%) 4979 (44%)
06-07 14641 (68%) 6869 (32%)
07-08 7413 (57%) 5683 (43%)
08-09 5788 (52%) 5363 (48%)
09-10 5103 (47%) 5641 (53%)
10-11 5758 (47%) 6405 (53%)
11-12 3470 (27%) 9258 (73%)

The use of print materials has shifted primarily to use within the library. In August 2011, the library gave law students 24 hour access to the library. Increased student access to the building has eliminated some of the need to take materials home. Reference instruction to the Legal Research and Writing courses occurred in the Law Library, which lead to increased library material browsing and use during class.

Print Collection Use by Subject Classification

The most circulated call number range of our collection is KF-Law, United States. KFO-Oklahoma law, E-history, and PN-literary history are some of the other popular call number ranges. 

LC Class description


KF - Law,
United States


KFO - Law,
Oklahoma, Oregon, Ohio

E - History 287
K - Law, General 268

PN - Literary History
and Collections

JZ - International Law 116

HT - Communities,
Classes, Races


KFT - Law,
Tennessee, Texas


JK - Constitution History
and Administration


JC - Political Theory,
Theory of the State


The top ten call number ranges within KF (U.S. Law) are listed below. 

KF LC Class


KF 801-1241


KF 8810-9075
Civil Procedure


KF 50-90
Statutes &


KF 4501-5130
Constitutional Law


KF 240-251
Legal Research &


KF 261-334.2
Legal Education &


KF 12-49


KF 9601-9760
Criminal Procedure


KF 6221-6795
Public Finance &


KF 8201-8228

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