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2011-2012 Annual Report: Oklahoma City University School of Law Library: 24 Hour Law Student Access

Patron Count FY 2011-12

To determine the total patron count for the fiscal year, the library combined the number of patrons who visited the library during the day with the number of students who accessed the building overnight using 24 hour access.

45,955 patrons visited the Law Library from July 1, 2011 through June 30, 2012.

24 hour access for currently enrolled law students began August 14, 2011. In 2011-2012, students were able to use their OCU issued StarCards to access the building 24 hours through the west doors. The circulation desk continued to close overnight, but students were free to use the building and the print materials overnight. Students did not have access to the building during holidays and other campus-wide closings. Last year students had access 7,793 out of 8,760 possible hours (89%).

Patron Count during Exam Periods

Exam periods are one of the busiest times of year for the Law Library. As students prepare for finals during reading week and the exam period the student patron count increases.  

Recent Graduates Preparing for the Bar Exam

24 hour access privileges are extended to recent graduates to accommodate them as they study for the February and July bar exams. 13 students were granted 24 hour access leading up to the February 2012 bar exam and more than 100 students were granted access for the July 2012 bar exam. 

In June 2011 leading up the bar exam up to 14 bar-takers at a time chose the library as a study space. In June 2012 noisy construction projects in and around the building lead to a lower turnout; usually only 5 bar-takers were in the library at a time.

Overnight visitors

Law students have 24 hour access to the Gold Star building during the fall and spring semesters and final exam periods using their StarCards. Law students and other visitors do not have access to the Gold Star Building during inclement weather and other campus-wide closures, with the exception of mooting teams who were given access during the winter break in order to prepare for early January deadlines.

The ID card readers and security cameras that make 24 hour access possible were generously funded by President Robert Henry, the Campus Safety and Crisis Management Committee, the Student Service Fee Reserve Fund, and the Law Student Facilities Fee.

3,263 students made use of 24 hour access. 1,585 students were able to visit the library after hours during the fall and 1,678 students were able to visit the library after hours in the spring and summer. 

More information about the 24 hour access policy is available on the Law Library's website.

Patron and Circulation Count by Hour

To determine how to best serve library patrons and when to staff the desk, there are two numbers taken into account: the average number of patrons by hour and the total circulations by hour.

The time of day when the most patrons visit the library is 1:00 pm, between morning and afternoon classes. 

Circulation counts by hour show afternoons between noon and 3pm are the busiest time of day.

Daytime visitors

The Law Library is open to the public each day until 9pm. Circulation staff visit every wing of the library and count the number of patrons throughout the day. Patron count statistics are recorded on paper and entered into an Access database. When collecting patron count information, the staff and students use their best judgment in classifying patrons into discrete categories: law students, non-law students, attorneys and alumni, and general public/non-OCU patrons.

These headcounts determine the daytime patron count for the library. This year, 42,692 patrons visited the library during the hours the circulation desk was open.  

Our busiest month was April with 5,387 patrons. April 8th-14th was National Library Week and spring finals began April 30. 

Expanded Access for Student Groups

Moot court competitors, with their advisors, are able to access the building and library materials during holiday closings. Their StarCard access is adjusted to allow building entry during the winter break. This gives competitors more time to research and create documents for spring competitions. Law librarians were available by phone and email to assist.

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