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Citators: Casemaker

What is Casemaker?

Casemaker provides free legal research to members of the Casemaker Bar Consortium, whose members include state bar associations of 25 states. Texas, Kansas, and Colorado are some of the states served. Click here for the complete list. 

How do I Access Casemaker?

Law students will need to sign up for CasemakerX using their law school e-mail addresses, since Casemaker does not recognize other domains, such as gmail or Yahoo. Simply follow the instructions on Casemaker's home page.

Getting Started on Casemaker

Once you have logged on to Casemaker, click on the tab on the far left for the new Casemaker.


Finding a Case or Statute

Next, type in your search. You can search by keyword or by citation. After your results appear, you can narrow your results by type with the Overview section in the left column.

Citator Features on Casemaker

Once you have selected a case, Casemaker will let you know the treatment of that case when you pull up the document. If there is negative treatment, you will see "Criticized" along with a red thumbs down. Positive treatment has a green thumbs up sign.

Casemaker also contains citing references. You can access these by clicking on the center tab at the top of the screen. This will show all of the cases that referred to your case.

The third tab at the top of the screen will display all negative treatment of your case.


For tutorials on using Casemaker, click here.


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