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Collection Services Policy and Procedure Manual: EDI Information

Yankee and Hein EDI

Yankee and Hein send us invoices electronically by EDI.  To get the invoices to put into Voyager Acquisitions we go to the EDI tab in Voyager Acquisitions.  Invoices are found on the "incoming" tab. (KB--As of 2018 the nightly server task is not working.  To get the invoices I have been FTPing to the Yankee and Hein sites and getting the invoices, then FTPing to the Voyager server and placing them in the EDI Incoming folder)

You can search by create date, vendor name, etc. 

We have to manually clean out the EDI file so many times when searching for new invoices you will find old ones.   Look in "Message Status" column and if it says "loaded" you will know the invoice is old and has already been put into the system. 

To complete the invoice paying process go to the "Invoices" main tab.  You can search by invoice number or status "pending" to find your invoice to pay.  Verify that all information is correct especially which fund is being used.

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