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Collection Services Policy and Procedure Manual: Fiscal Year Rollover

Fund names and codes

Each year in June a new ledger is created for the coming fiscal year that begins July 1.  The new ledger is created automatically after running thhe annual "fiscal year rollover".  I always ask that the new fiscal year funds be created from the old fiscal years funds.  That way there is very little set up required to start using the new fiscal year funds.  New funds can be added and unused funds can be deleted once the ledger is created.  I always choose to start the new fiscal year funds with no money in them because we don't always receive the same amount.  I would rather start the year with the correct amount in the beginning balance line than have to do an adjustment to it which doesn't look as neat and clean.

Usually by mid-July I go in and close out the previous ledger by adding "xx" before each fund name and fund code and to the ledger itself.  This way the old ledger and funds won't pop up when doing searches by fund name or code in the current fiscal year.  The funds are still available to see but not to use or edit.  Perhaps some day we will archive or delete old ledgers but we have not done that yet.  Our ledger and fund names usually begin with the fiscal year, for example we are using "17" for 2017-18 fiscal year. The names can't be very long so I can't use them in every instance.  Some of the fund names have the actual university account number in them, for example - - -

7907 = book account

7908 = serial account

7406 = Online databases account

7402 = microform account

7400 = AV account

7121 = software maintenance

The serial account is further broken down so we can get reports for the different types of serials - see below.  Of course this can be changed in future ledgers.

  s annuals

  s cd/elect

  s federal

  s Looseleaf

  s Microform

  s Monographs

  s Periodicals

  s Prof Office

  s Reporters, digests

  s State material

  s Treatises

  s West LMA

General Information

In late June each year it is necessary to do Fiscal Year Rollover in Voyager Acq.  This closes out one fiscal year and begins a new one with a new ledger and funds created automatically.  We must tell the OCU IT Dept. to do this for us on the Voyager server as we cannot access the server ourselves. Kathy is in charge of contacting the IT Dept.

Fiscal period closingn procedure


Fiscal period closing procedure:

  1. Create and define new Fiscal Period

  2. Review current fund names

  3. Create and define rollover rules in Voyager Acquisition

  4. Identify open orders

  5. Assign Rollover Rules to Ledgers

  6. Set the Rollover Rule’s Action Indicator

    1. click the “Apply rule during next run of Fiscal Period Close” check box

  7. Backup Voyager acquisition

    1. Pfpc_save

  8. Disable online operator of Acquisition

    1. Disable

      1. 1. cd /m1/voyager/xxxdb/sbin

      2. 2. cp -p Pacqsvr Pacqsvr.preFPC

      3. 3. sed s/^exec/#exec/ Pacqsvr.preFPC > Pacqsvr

  9. FPC batch job

    1. Pfpc_run -ro -rf -rr

  10. Analyzing  results and making corrections

    1. Checking new ledgers/funds

    2. Checking open order rollover

    3. Re-enable online opertors

      1. 1. cd /m1/voyager/xxxdb/sbin

      2. 2. cp -p Pacqsvr.preFPC Pacqsvr

      3. chmod 750 Pacqsvr

    4. Adjust funds: manually

  11. FPC restore ( if required)

    1. Pfpc_restore fpc_xxxxxxx.dmp

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