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Collection Services Policy and Procedure Manual: Paying invoices in Voyager

Yankee invoices

1.  Yankee invoices are sent by EDI to VACQ.  Go to EDI tab in VACQ to "receive a file" to get new invoices. Then load the file.  There will be many invoices there as they do not disappear until we remove them.  Kathy can clean up this list periodically.

2.  Kathy checks each invoice to be sure the correct fund has been applied.  She also maintains a separate excel list of Yankee invoices by fiscal year on the Admin share drive.  After each invoice is paid she compares the VACQ balance with the Admin list balance.

3.  Kathy keeps all Yankee invoices in her office until the fiscal year is over.  At that time they are sent to Admin Assist to file in her invoice file which she keeps by fiscal year.  We keep invoices for 4-5 years in our office as a back up to invoices kept by OCU main Accounting Dept.


Non Yankee invoices

Go to Acq, pick NEW INVOICE - fill in invoice no., vendor, todays date and amount of the invoice.Click on SAVE, and then pick ADD LINE FROM ORDER. It takes you to a window to search all orders. This is the easiest way to create an invoice when you have a PO number. 

In the search box, pick SEARCH BY and pick PO number; in CONDITION pick EQUAL; then type in PO number using the number only. Pick FIND NOW, and that one PO number should show up in the SELECT AN ORDER FROM WHICH TO INVOICE. Click on DISPLAY LINE ITEMS, and it will list all titles on that order that have not been received yet. Pick the titles we received by clicking in the box to the left of the title, then pick APPEND/RECEIVE and a window will open up that lists only the title and the ordered price.

Verify that you have the correct title and also check the invoice price. If it is different than what is in that price box, change it to match the invoice price. Then pick SAVE. If someone has requested this book a box will pop up here saying "ROUTE TO PROF ABC"-- if you get this note, put a routing slip in the book with the Professor's name on it. (Once the book is processed, it will be checked out to that professor by Circulation and then put in the professor's mailbox on 2nd floor). IF the item says RUSH - we will need to catalog it first and rush process, and rush to Circulation within that day if possible. The note may say, THIS BOOK IS FOR RESERVE, RUSH PROCESS, etc. -- add slips with whatever information is given to you so we can process it correctly. If you have several titles to receive on the same PO number, you can check all boxes at the same time and they will then all open up as you receive them, one by one. When you need to go to another PO number, you just go back up to the search window, type over the previous PO number and pick FIND NOW again. Do this until all items are received on that invoice. When through, pick CLOSE and it takes you back to first screen which will now list all the titles you are receiving.

The invoice amounts have to match in the 2 boxes towards the top of the screen before it will let you APPROVE the invoice. Before approving the invoice, check over your list of recd items checking to be sure ACCOUNT NUMBERS are all the same and correct. Almost all new books will be purchased from a book account, 7907. 

Click on the APPROVE button at the top of the screen. Pick RECEIVE ON APPROVAL, then pick SAVE AND CLOSE.

see INVOICE tab

Go to the INVOICE tab for more information about paying invoices.

Library account numbers

Law Library Account numbers used in Collection Services most often:

250-200 is our main account number and these are subdivisions we use for different types of purchases


- 7121 software maintenance (OCLC, TOC, etc.)

- 7400 Audio Visual purchases

- 7401 Binding

- 7406 Online databases (like Lexis, Westlaw, HOL, etc.) (prior to FY17-18 this was 7900)

- 7907 library books

- 7908 library periodicals and serials

The account number needs to be written on all invoices and invoice copies so the Administrative Assistant and Accounting know what account to pay the invoice from.

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