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Collection Services Policy and Procedure Manual: Receiving library material

Receiving books from Yankee

We usually receive 1 box per week from Yankee.  All boxes are given to the Head of Collection Services who unpacks them and checks the books against the invoice to be sure we received all of them.  If the invoice says "BOOK AP PLAN" in the customer number box this means they are being sent automatically to us based on our approval plan with Yankee.  The AP shipments will have no POs in our system yet.  They come processed and shelf reading so we cannot return them unless it is an error made by Yankee.  A PO will have to be created so the invoice can be paid.  There should already be a bib record in VCAT because of our shelf ready plan with Yankee. Find the bib and create a PO as usual. Once PO is done then you can create an INVOICE and pay it in VACQ.  If a bib record is not found check with the cataloger to see that the file has been found and imported.  

Most of what we receive from Yankee are firm orders where a PO has already been created as part of the ordering process through GOBI. First step is to go to the EDI tab and search for the Yankee invoice. You can search by company name, date created, etc.  Yankee will show the invoice number in the results screen so pick the one that matches.  Load the invoice.

Go to the Invoices tab and search by invoice number or status "pending" to find the invoice.  You will need to verify the prices for each item. If there is routing information attached to the title, a note will pop up in a box when you receive it.  Approve and receive all titles on the invoice. 

All books are given to the cataloger who checks them against the bib record that Yankee has sent us.  The book is linked to the bib record and sent to be shelved.  There are times when the cataloger needs to flesh out a skimpy bib record by adding/correcting the one in VCAT with contents notes, more subject headings, different call number, etc.


Receiving material NOT ordered

1. If you receive a book that we have not ordered, we can put it into Voyager Acq. after the fact, if the Director decides we will keep the book. 
2. Pick NEW ORDER, fill in vendor information, etc. and click on save. At this point you can type in the order by choosing ADD LINE (TEMPLATE). Be sure to enter all information especially the ISBN number. Pick correct account number and make the location be "on order". Finish the order by picking APPROVE, and choosing to RECEIVE ON APPROVE.
3. While the PO is still up on the screen, pick CREATE INVOICE from the ORDER drop down menu on the main task bar. The book and all vendor information transfers from the order record. Fill in invoice number, date processing the invoice, and the amount and click save. APPROVE invoice.
4. Stamp invoice, etc.
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