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Collection Services Policy and Procedure Manual: ARCHIVES


Archives room

We have added all of our archival holdings into our general collection.  They are shelved in boxes for the most part at the end of the classified collection.  Some of the material we have are papers from President Robert Henry, Dean Lawrence Hellman and Judge Marion Opala.

We also have :

-- some archival material from the  Oklahoma Constitutional Convention papers of the early 1990's which were donated by Robert Henry.  This collection was compiled by Victoria Santana, previous Reference Librarian at OCU Law Library who was here from 2003 to 2007.

--the original sound recordings and paper transcripts of the Oklahoma Oral History Project.  This project was conducted by Karen Kalnins, previous Reference Librarian at OCU Law Library who was here in 2007 to 2010.  This material was turned into a digital collection and is on our web page.

--the Sloan papers which were part of the gift from the Memorial Institute for the Prevention of Terrorism when they closed their office in Oklahoma City.  These were originally in 3 file cabinets but we packed them into boxes are now kept in the Murrah Center on library shelves along with the Sloan gift of books.

-- Law Library papers and correspondence.  This collection was put together by Lee Peoples in 2004.  Procedures for this collection are kept in the Collection Development Policy document.  Very little has been added to it since 2004. 


Salvage these first


1.     Special collection – KF 5660 Indian land laws 2 diff editions 1909 and 1913; no call number - Indian Territory reports v.1-7 (1896-1907); no call number -    Annotated statutes of the Indian Territory 1 vol. 1899; KF8228.C5 A5 1892 Cherokee Nation constitution all in Cherokee characters. = all very rare.     

2.     Robert Henry archive papers in boxes located at the end of the general collection.

3.     Art work of Robert Henry through out the building.

4.     Oklahoma Constitutional convention papers in boxes located at the end of the general collection.

5.     Oklahoma statutes official version in Oklahoma Collection – early yrs 1890-192u.

6.     The archives and Special Collection books are located at the end of our classified collection.


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