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Collection Services Policy and Procedure Manual: AUDIO VISUAL MATERIAL

Defective DVD policy

From the Circulation policy manual:

When a patron returns a DVD or VHS that does not work, test the DVD at one of the computers or using a DVD/VCR player. If the item will play, put it back on the shelf. If it will not, put the item in the Circulation Librarian’s box.


If the Circulation Librarian cannot repair the item, she will research the item’s circulation history and make a recommendation to the Head of Collection Services and Library Director about purchasing a replacement or removing the item from the collection.




Use “mm” and “ms” for CD-ROMS only – not for any internet based titles.  This way we can get a count of cd’s for statistics.  This is when the entire item is a cd-rom – it’s not for books with cds.



We  made DVD copies from some of the VHS tapes that we owned (with the permission of the publisher).  The publisher said to pull the VHS from our collection so we have discarded them.  We may turn more VHS tapes into DVDs but that project is on hold for now.

April 2014



From Collection Development Policy Aug. 2012


Audio-Visual Materials

DVDs and CDs are purchased in subject areas that support the curriculum and faculty research.  Special emphasis is given to building a collection of DVDs that support skills and experiential aspects of the curriculum including trial practice and the Center on Alternative Dispute Resolution.  A collection of popular law related DVDs is also maintained.

Current policy:

It was decided in Feb. 2014 to send all CD-ROMs to circulation if they didn't come with a book. They will be kept with the Popular DVD collection and given that location name in our catalog.  If the CD-ROM has a book with it or is filed in the back of the book it will go to the general collection.


We have a few sound recordings that we kept in the general collection.  Some came with a book some didn't.  Examples:  

-May it please the court ‡h [kit] : ‡b the First Amendment, live recordings and transcripts of the oral arguments made before the Supreme Court in sixteen key First Amendment cases ‡c edited by Peter Irons. [C47]


-May it please the court ‡h [kit]  : ‡b the most significant oral arguments made before the Supreme Court since 1955 / ‡c edited by Peter Irons and Stephanie Guitton.[C49


- Arguments on abortion ‡h [kit] : ‡b live recordings and transcripts of Supreme Court oral arguments on reproductive rights / ‡c edited by Stephanie Guitton and Peter Irons.[C48]



Menendez   murder trial [sound recording] / written by Steve Futterman, Mutual   Broadcasting System/NBC Radio News.

1 sound cassette (60 min.)



DVD processing

Call numbers and passwords can be written on DVDs with a permanent marker. 



MFHD locations

If to be kept in the general collection – pick AV in General for the location and item type=Video

Mfhd shows the location as vid  

If to be kept in Circulation area  – pick Popular DVDs for the location.  Pick item type = DVD

Mfhd shows the location as = dvd  

 There are DVD's that still have a location of p_reserve but these will probably change to POPULAR DVD because they are all shelved together on first floor. We are going to put LC class numbers on them too. [project for summer 2015]


Additions to call numbers in Voyager

We are now adding VHS or DVD or CD-ROM before the call number in subfield k in the Voyager mfhd.  See sample below - -

‡b dvd ‡k DVD ‡h PN1995.9 .C37 ‡i L362 1996

‡b dvd ‡k Audio ‡h KF5660 ‡i .P54 2013

‡b vid ‡k VHS ‡h KF8920 ‡i .C76 1993

We are editing subfield h to look like this in the bib record - -

[videorecording : DVD]


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