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Collection Services Policy and Procedure Manual: CD-ROM Processing

Types of material we own

We own


VHS tapes


Computer discs [though we are discarding outdated formats, i.e., floppy discs, etc.]

Kits with several different formats [book, cassette, cd-rom, etc.]

**in Fall 2014 we discarded all of our audio cassettes since we no longer had machines to play them on.

CD-ROM cataloging formats

Use “mm” and “ms” for CD-ROMS only – not for any internet based titles. This way we can get a count of cd’s for statistics. This is when the entire item is a cd-rom – it’s not for books with cds.


Kathy began a project in 2011 to classify the DVD's and VHS tapes into LC classification.  Our previous class scheme was just an accession number.  We have had many professors over the years want to be able to physically browse the collection for similar items and this will enable them to do that.  This will make printed lists more useful too.

Item records information



CD-ROMs issued with books are kept with the book. 

The call number of the book is written with a Sharpie on the face of the CD-ROM, along with “OCU LAW LIBRARY”

A brightly colored label “DISC ENCLOSED” is affixed near the barcode and on the cover to alert circulation to check to see if the CD is there.

Within Voyager, be sure to mark the pieces box on the barcode record.  This causes a popup box to appear when the barcode is scanned in circulation for the clerk to check that there are additional pieces included with the book.


The audio visual material is spread throughout the library.  Most of the current material is kept behind the Circulation desk in the Popular DVD Collection.  It includes DVDs and CD-ROMs.  The jackets for the titles in the Popular DVD Collection are kept on the first floor in a bookcase by the microfiche cabinets.  Less used and older DVD's, VHS tapes, cassette tapes, etc. are kept at the end of the General Collection. A few items are shelved in the general collection by call number. When in doubt about where to put a new item ask Reference or Circulation.

800 N. Harvey Oklahoma City, OK 73102 405.208.5271