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Collection Services Policy and Procedure Manual: DVD Subject Cutters for Feature Films


Movie Call Numbers

Special Topics   PN1995.9.A-Z
Cutter by Topic, then by Title, date by original release date

.A3       Adventure Films
.A435     AIDS (Disease)
.A45      Alcoholism
.A46      Alien labor
.B28      Baseball
.B55      Biographical films
.B85      Bureaucracy
.C37      Capital punishment
.C46      Censorship
.C55      Comedy
.C57      Counterculture
.C64      Courtroom drama
.C67      Corruption
.C85      Culture conflict
.D4       Detective and mystery films
.D58      Divorce
.D6       Documentary films
.D62      Documentary style films
.D78      Drugs
.E44      Emigration and immigration
.F35      Family
.F54      Films noirs
.F56      Flashbacks
.F67      Foreign films
.F84      Fugitives from justice
.G3       Gangster films
.G39      Geopolitics
.H34      Handicapped. People with disabilities
.H83      Human rights
.I43      Impersonators
.I48      Indians
.I49      Indigenous peoples
.I53      Innocence project
.I55      Intercultural communication
.I57      International relations
.J6       Journalists
.J8       Justice.  Law
.J87      Juvenile delinquency
.L28      Labor. Working class.
.L59      Loss (Psychology)
.M23      Mafia
.M27      Man-woman relationships
.M39      Mass media
.M463     Mental illness
.M56      Minorities
.M87      Murder mysteries
.N33      National characteristics
.N4       African Americans
.O75      Organizational behavior
.O84      Outlaws
.P27      Paranoia
.P42      Philosophy
.P57      Police films
.P6       Politics
.P63      Political corruption
.R27      Rape
.R34      Refugees
.R45      Revenge
.R48      Revolutions
.S297     Serial murderers
.S47      Sex role
.S5       Sherlock Holmes films
.S557     Slavery
.S58      Smoking
.S6       Social aspects
.S62      Social problems
.S68      Spy/Espionage films
.S6956    Sterotypes (Social psychology)
.S87      Suspense. Thrillers
.T46      Terrorism
.T5       Three Stooges films
.T75      Trials
.U53      Undercover
.V5       Violence
.W3       War
.W6       Women
.W65      Women murderers


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