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Collection Services Policy and Procedure Manual: BAR CODE LINKING IN VOYAGER

General Information

All volumes that get a bar code and get linked in Voyager must have a PERMANENT LOCATION and an ITEM TYPE put in the item record. What you choose effects whether it can be checked out or not. The categories below are used in the MFHD and in the item records.  The Location code is the actual location, the item type (along with the patron type) determines the circulation privileges of the item.



There are currently over 100 different "locations" defined in Voyager (Oct., 2012).  For the most current list, use Access to create a location code list.  There are many electronic locations that were created for statistical purposes, along with some that are no longer being used.  The most common location codes for physical items are:


LOCATION display name -- LOCATION code

1st floor - mags  - does not circulate, popular magazines

2lobby -- 2nd Floor --- does not circulate, daily newspapers

AV in General -- vid  --- can circulate, Audio-Visual materials for items that no longer circulate much

Cancelled order -- CANCEL --- if an order item never comes, the bibl. record will be changed to this location

Career services -- careerserv --- book collection in Career Services Dept.

Cataloging --- if the Head of Collection Services pulls items to recatalog or keep for awhile, this location will be assigned to them.

Circulation desk-- circdesk --- use this for material kept at the circ desk

Collection Services -- tech_offic -- do not circulate, Collection Services office books

Course reserve -- c-reserve --- at circ desk --DO NOT ASSIGN THIS AS A PERMANENT LOCATION  (assigned as temporary location for items on course reserve)

Director's office -- director -- Items with permanent location of the Director's Office

Display -- display  -- items put in display cabinets, like Bobbleheads

Electronic Resources -- online  --- used for internet sites, CD-ROMs, pdf files.  Location codes can vary such as "e-hein", "e-LLMC", "e-west", "e-lexis"

Faculty Collection --  this collection is boxed up and found at end of general collection. None cataloged

Faculty Office -- facoffice --- we buy books that Professors can keep in their offices forever.  These books are barcoded and labeled, but the Faculty Office location is "hidden" from the OPAC. A notation as to who has these items is put into the MFHD in an 866 field  These items are checked out to the professor for 5 year increments

General Collection -- gen -- can circulate

General Coll Non Circ -- gennon -- does not circulate (multi-volume sets, looseleaf materials with more than 1 volume, periodicals, etc)

ILL -- ILL  --- Incoming Interlibrary Loan materials (assigned by Circulation when they create an ILL item.  The Head of Collection Services generally runs an Access report once or twice a semester to get a list of the ILL items no longer checked out and delete the item, MFHD and bib records)

Microforms -- microforms --- do not circulate; all on 1st floor in microform cabinets

Microforms govt. docs. -- microform2 -- not used anymore; do not circulate

Native American -- nativeamer ---books can circulate; sets do not circulate

Native American Office -- natameroff --- does not circulate

New Books -- new ---Temporary location assigned to new books, kept on display in Reference for one month

OCU law acquisitions -- onorder --- an order location only, item is on order and not yet received

Oklahoma -- ok -- books that circulate

Oklahoma non circulating -- oknon -- sets that do not circulate

Perm. Reserve -- p_reserve --- 2 hr. limited circulation period, at circ desk

Popular DVDs -- dvd -- cases are kept on 1st floor; dvds are kept in break room 217 behind circulation

Purchase order -- po  ---location changed to po after cancellations and ceassations of serial titles -- does not display in the OPAC

Reference -- reference --- do not circulate

Reference Office -- refoffice --- do not circulate, materials with permanent location in the Reference Librarians offices

Serials --- order location only

Special collection -- specialcol --- do not circulate, shelved at the end of the general collection

Study aids -- study ---  can circulate, kept in Circulation/Reference area.  Item type is 3 Day Checkout

Suppressed -- sup --- suppressed in the OPAC, generally assigned to deleted materials that are attached to a purchase order that cannot be deleted




2 hr. reserve--2hrres

2 Weeks no renewal--2wk

24 Hour Reserve--24hrRes

3 Days-no renewal --3day

Audio -- sound recordings

Book -- use for books that CAN circulate

DVD - - for DVDs and CD-ROMs kept in Popular DVD Collection, kept in drawer in break room 217, can circulate

Equipment -- usually Circ and computer equipment

Looseleaf -- this category does NOT circulate, 3 or more looseleaf volumes

Looseleaf2 -- this category CAN circulate, for sets of 2 vols. or less.

Microform--microfiche and film  (very few here since in general microform material does not get barcoded)

Multivol --- Not using for sets anymore. This was our first choice, but now using "nocirc"

Nocirc -- Non-circulating materials

Online -- most online databases do not get item records

Over Night Reserve -- 24hrRes --- due back in 24 hours

Periodicals --- not using anymore since our move in 2014.  Periodicals now are in general collection and are nocirc

Software -- cd roms, and computer discs

Video --- Generally VHS tapes and old DVDs. Now kept at the end of the General Collection


Item types

Information about item types other than book

  • If anything is put on Reserve (p_reserve), the item type is 2 Hour Reserve
  • Study Aids books have the item type 3day
  • Reference (reference) item type is nocirc
  • Any title with more than 3 volumes is nocirc


example of CODE 39 bar code which is the kind we use.


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