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Collection Services Policy and Procedure Manual: BINDING


Use the list of titles to bind and don't send anything that isn't on that list.  The list is in the box below this one.

About a week before the bindery truck is due at our library, we go to the general collection periodicals section K 1 - K27 and gather all issues that are ready to be bound. We usually wait until we receive no.1 of the next volume just to be sure we have received all issues of the previous volume.  If  v.35 no.1  is on the shelf, then bind all issues of v.34.

We are only sending 1 shipment per year since 2011.


As of 2017 we will bind these titles only

Oklahoma Bar Journal

Oklahoma City University Law Review


Creating Bindery Slips

 --Once the issues have been gathered go to the Voyager Acq. SERIALS HISTORY section to see if you have all  of the issues that we received for that volume.  Also check to see if something has been claimed or seems to be missing for that volume.  For example,  if all previous volumes  had 4 issues, but you only  have 3 issues maybe something is missing or maybe they have changed how many issues will be published from now on.   To find out, go to the SERIALS MAINTENANCE screen to see if we have entered a note about this change, and if so, proceed to bind.  If there is no answer there you can go to the internet and find the web site for the journal/law review that has the problem.  Many times they list information there about how many numbers were published per volumes.  If you can find no reason for receiving fewer issues than normal, then consult with Assist Director for Collection Services.   

 --On the SERIALS HISTORY screen, do not COLLAPSE  the issues for the volume you are sending to the bindery.  We do not want to do this ever because it makes the display in the OPAC look strange.   You may at this time highlight the issues you are sending to the bindery and click the button that says DISPLAY IN OPAC and it will change these issues to NO from Yes.  

 --Once everything has been checked you are ready to create the bindery slips.  Pull  the bindery slip for each title from the  bindery boxes.  If there is no preprinted bindery slip then fill one out online at the Houchen Bindery website.  Remember to leave off the word THE from all titles. Fill in by hand VOLUME NUMBER and PAGES and YEAR as needed.  Some volumes don't get all this information on the spine.  If a volume is going to be  bound in 2 or more parts then we enter page numbers.  And some items do not have volume numbers, they have dates only - so what you fill in depends on that particular item.  When in doubt, see Assist Director for of Collection Services. 

--Tear off  the last page of  the bindery slip to keep for us (we use it to create our Access report of what has been sent to the bindery each month).  Put a rubber band around the issues to be bound as one volume, insert  the slip inside the first issue with part sticking out so the bindery can find the slip easily.   

-- Keep  the processed volumes on a shelf in alphabetical order until the  Friday before the bindery company is coming to pick them up.  We do this so the volumes can still be found and used by reference if needed.   On that Friday they can be boxed up. 



 Sometimes 2 different titles are bound together such as journals with title changes.  Where this has happended Kathy has created bound with notes in the catalog.  We no longer bind in this way. 



Most libraries bind journals so the

issues don't disappear. 


Here is information for the company that we use to bind our volumes. The bindery company gives us a list of pickup dates each year.  We have to call them to come pick up our shipment since we send one so infrequently.  To get pick up from them we have to have 2 boxes.

Houchen Bindery Company

General Office

340 First St
Utica, NE 68456

Phone & Fax

(402) 534-2261
(800) 869-0420
(402) 534-2761 (Fax)

Business Hours

7:30 am – 4:00 pm
Monday – Friday


1.   We will send one shipment to the bindery each year if we have 2 boxes.  If we don't have 2 boxes we can either mail the volumes to the bindery or we can wait and bind in the next year.

2.  Check the volumes on the trucks against the bindery list/slips for that shipment.   If we  don't get back all the volumes we sent highlight which ones are missing and tell Nancy. Give invoice to the Administrative Assistant to pay from the bindery account, 7401 

3.   We do simple processing now for all bound items--

       a.  Stamp first inside page with the RECEIVED & DATE STAMP.  

       b.  A bar code will go in the Right top corner of this page.

4.    Go to Voyager Cataloging module to link each bound volume. 

        a.  Search by title, Display the MFHD then pick NEW ITEM. 

        b.  Scan the bar code in the bar code field and type in a description of the volume and date. 

        c.  Location is GENERAL COLLECTION NON CIRCULATING and item type is NOCIRC for all of them unless they go somewhere else like Native American, Reference, etc. . Ask if in doubt.

        d.  Save the record.  Proceed to next volume.

800 N. Harvey Oklahoma City, OK 73102 405.208.5271