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Collection Services Policy and Procedure Manual: BUDGET

General Information

These are the accounts we usually work on 

  book (7907)

  serial (7908)

  binding (7401)

  audio-visual (7400)

  online databases (7406)

  software maintenance (7121)

  microform (7402)

Miscellaneous reports

Reports will be needed to show expenditures by account and possibly by vendor for the previous fiscal year.  We run access reports on the Voyager database to get this information.

The Head of Collection Services maintains many excel spreadsheets which keep track of expenditures by title and account such as  -   -   -

7121, 7900 and 7908 lists.  The 7908 list is maintained on the ADMIN share drive so the Director can look at it too.  She also keeps a list of OCLC expenses by FY.  In 2016 it was decided to keep all "database 7900 account" information on the CIRC share drive so everyone can access price, licenses and contracts, etc.  A current copy of the 7900 expense list is kept there too.


The Head of Collection Services is usually asked by the Law Library Director for dollar amounts needed for some accounts such as book serials, av, binding, databases/operating lease and software maintenance accounts.

This usually happens in early spring each year.  The process is to go gather expenses from the previous year and estimate our needs for the next fiscal year.  Many times it is necessary to contact publishers and vendors to ask about prices increases for expensive products.     



Once our budget is set and the new fiscal year is here we submit POs to our accounting dept. for companies we do a lot of business with, such as Thomson/West, LexisNexis, Wm. S. Hein, Wolter Kluwer, etc.  We estimate how much we think we will spend for the year with these companies based on what we spent the previous fiscal year.  Once these large POs are approved we can process our invoices for these companies quite fast.


The library tries to be a good steward by using our money wisely, thoughtfully and carefully in the management of the library.


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