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Collection Services Policy and Procedure Manual: BULK IMPORT

Importing Yankee Order Records

The day after an order has been made on Yankee's GOBI, the order records should be ready to retrieve from their FTP site.

User name: okcitylaw

Password: qe7Pus

The records are in the ORDERS directory with the extension .ord (format is 1749nnnn with the nnnn being the date of the order)  Save the order file to a directory on your PC or your desktop.

To bulk import into Voyager, use Webadmin

Username: webadmin

Password: webadmin

Choose "Bulk Import MARC Records"

Use the browse button to navigate to where the records are stored on your PC.  For Yankee orders the Import code is YANKFIRM.  The operator can be blank or who ever you choose to use.  Uncheck the "Show/Approve MARC display before database load?". Enter the email address of who you want notified when the import process begins.  then click on the "Submit Batch Import" button.  You are sent to this screen that shows what information was used to import the file.

Click on the "Return to Main Page" link.  Once you get the email notification that the import process is started, you can use WebAdmin to look at the reports.  click on the "Report Files" link

There are a few reports to look at: delete.imp.yyymmdd.nnnn ; discard.imp.yyymmdd.nnnn ; log.imp.yyymmdd.nnn; and replace.imp.yyymmdd.nnnn (yyymmdd.nnnn stands for the year, month, date, and time the file was imported)  The most important on to look at is the bottom of the log.imp file gives you a breakdown of how many records were processed, added, discarded, etc. and the PO number that was created.  If the report  notes that there were bib records that were discarded, replaced or rejected look at those log files too.

Electronic Databases cataloging

We are now using the OCLC WorldShare Collection Manager to get bib records automatically for LLMC Digital and  many of the HeinOnline databases.  The bibliographic records are free as part of our annual cataloging subscription. Many of the records are very skimpy - lacking subject headings and full author names.  A future project could be to flesh these out.  there is a list of all databases we have and whether they are cataloged or not.  The list is maintained by Nancy and a copy is kept on the Circ share drive in the database folder.  The file is labeled: CURRENT Online titles cataloged statistics.  Nancy has a copy in her Excel files.


Every month Nancy updates the list by using the "Bib count by location" report received from Kathy in her monthly statistics. The updated list is then saved to the Circ share drive each time.



Voyager Import Rules

The bulk import rules are set up in the Voyager System Administration module, under the Cataloging tab --> Bulk Import Rules.

A rule can be set up in many ways, from importing bib records only, to creating bib records and MFHDs, to creating bib records, MFHDs, and POs,  or bibs, MFHDs, POs and items (barcodes)


For bulk order records  an additional screen is available to specify what fields various pieces of information has been entered by the vendor to create the purchase order.  Work with the vendor for this information.


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