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Collection Services Policy and Procedure Manual: LLMC Bulk Import

NEW IN 2014

OCLC has changed the way we will get our LLMC bib records.  We now will be using WorldShare Collection Manager and we will get the records for free.  Previously we paid for themWe are still working on setting this up.  We began doing this in Feb. 2014.

LLMC Digital MarkEdit Changes

Since 2016 we get our LLMC records from OCLC using the OCLC Worldshare Collection utility. Previous to that we had a paid subscription with OCLC to automatically receive the bib records.  A collection has been made within Worldshare and we subscribe to the collection. We have made editing changes on Worldshare for the collection to add fields add a 099 "ON-LINE RESOURCE" field, adding a 590 field with the name of the collection and the date added/edited, adding proxy server information to the URL, and well as removing all URLs not LLMC from the records, but the file needs to be edited more.  We use the program MarcEdit for this.

OCLC sends an email when the records are ready to be downloaded from the OCLC Worldshare site:

Under Collection Manager, click on "My Files" then Download.  Click on the OCLC WorldCat Collection set to be downloaded (name format starts with a D, then YYMMDD, i.e., D120719.B...  ) Click on the download link, noting where the file is being saved (generally in the Downloads directory in  Users --> Name)

Open MarcEdit.  Choose MarkBreaker

Select the location where the file that needs to be edited is located as the "Input File" and where it is to be written to in the "Output File".  Click on the file folder or the "browse" above each file name bar to search for the file that is to be "broken" or changed from MARC to a file that is eye-readableMarcTools MarcBreaker.  Then click on the "Execute" button.  You should get a message like "xx records were processed in .xx seconds"    Then click on the "Edit Records" button to start the editing process.  

To start the editing process: to prepend the ezproxy information only to the LLMC records by using the Swap Field Utility Click on Tools -->Swap Field Data  (or F11).  Change the field number to 956 for only the LLMC URLs by putting a portion of the LLMC URL information in the find box.

Once you have the information filled in as wanted, click on the Process button, and the changes will be made to the fields (once it is finished MarcEdit should display a message box with "xxx modifications were made")

PREPEND ezproxy information the the LLMC URLs  (  )

Be sure to check the "Use regular expression" box, then click on the "Replace Text" button.  The ^b in the field data tells the program to place the information in the "Replace with:" field before the existing information in the 956 subfield u.

Append a new subfield z to end of URL


LLMC Digital: Click here for online access to this title


Make sure to check the boxes "Add subfield if not present" and "Match Case", then click on the "Replace Text"

Use the Swap Field Utilityagain to change the 956 fields back to 856

Do not check the "Copy Source" box because this leaves the 956 field as well as the changed 856 field.

Repeat the steps above the the HeinOnline URLs if necessary.

Scan through the modified file and check the 856 field for online sources other than LLMC.  Use "Find and Replace" to change the subfield 3 for Internet Archive and HathiTrust addresses to add "Access via"


Delete the Google addresses since they sometimes do not go to full text.  Remove the Modern Law and other sources addresses where we do not subscribe, or if other libraries have put direct addresses into the OCLC record (Newsbank, their own Proxy server address, etc.)

           856 40$uhttp://proquest 
           856 40$3Google      
           856 40$uhttp://galenet            
           856 40$u
           856 40$uhttp://find.galegroup
           856 4\$uhttp://www.gale
Subject Heading changes:  Delete the subject headings that do not have a second indicator of 0,  Delete the French (7), Canadian (6), Spanish (4), medical (MESH) (2), and unibist (17) subject headings.  Use the ADD/DELETE FIELD function
Field 650
Field data  ^=650...6
Check the Use Regular Expression Option, and the delete field.  Use this operation to also delete the 651, 600, and 610 fields with second indicators that are not 0
Use the Add/Delete Field Utility to remove the extra (non-providor neutral) fields that HathiTrust puts in the records they create:
These fields are the 506, 530, 533, 534, 538, 539, 540, 583, 773, 938 (provider fields, i.e., Amazon.  Other fields to delete are the 029, 012, and 653 fields.  Also remove the 007 field that ends in abp.
Scan through the file again to make sure that the extra fields have been deleted and that the file is as wanted.
Export the file as MARC by either clicking on the icon or by clicking on File --> Make Current file into MARC
Use the LLMC import rule in Voyager's WebAdmin to bulk import the titles into Voyager and create MFHDs.  If records are imported into Voyager manually, set the import preference in Session Defaults and Preferences to MARC21 UTF-8
Delete most of the information in the .mrk file to print to check for other versions in Voyager (print, microform, etc.).  Add the URL to the other format records in Voyager.  Use the Assigned Tasks (Tools --> Assigned Tasks --> Currently Available Tasks --> Edit for list ) to create this short list of title, author, and publication information (year)


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