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Collection Services Policy and Procedure Manual: CANCELLED TITLES

Decisions to cancel

The decision to cancel a standing order is made by the Director of the Law Library usually with the assistance from the Head of Collection Services who sends information about whether the title is available electronically; cost per year; whether listed in Svengalis; how many check outs and browses were made; etc.

Cancel list created and maintained

A list is kept in excel by fiscal year listing the titles cancelled and the amount saved.  This report is added to our annual report.


This list is maintained by the Head of Collection Services.




Steps to take when canceling SERIAL titles:


1.  For canceled titles we add a note to the VCAT holdings record  that says (Library no longer subscribes).  We started doing this in 2002.  If it is something that got updated we also say " Last updated with April 2006 supplements (Library no longer subscribes)".  SEE Voyager Bib 10776 - -  Holmes' Appleman on insurance, 2d  for an example.  

We also add a 902 local note to the bib record example; CANCELLED $a 07-08 [fiscal yr info].



2.  VACQ records are closed and deleted if there was no payment information for the title.  First the Serials History section is changed so no check-in information shows in the OPAC. The Serials Maintenance record has a note added that we canceled it and the date we did it.  This record also has the Predictive Component Pattern deleted and the word DEAD added before the Component Name.  The PO has a cancel note added in Notes tab. We are not changing status to COMPLETE anymore as it seemed to cause problems with being able to access/edit in Serials Maintenance section.


3.  We mark volumes on the spine with a sticker that says "No longer updated".  [in the past these labels were put inside front cover].  If it is a bound volume with a pocket part or stand alone supplement they both get marked with a sticker.  The sets/vols stay in our regular collection until decisions are made to discard.  We usually keep canceled titles for quite a while. 


4.  We have no policy about systematically removing canceled titles or ceased titles from our collection.  We did a major purge of old outdated and canceled volumes prior to our move in Dec. 2014 to the downtown location.


4.  For new editions, we have been putting a 500 note field in the bib record of the old edition saying it is "replaced by 2nd edition, 2007" for example.  The physical volumes get marked "no longer updated" and add "Last updated with..." in the holdings record.  This is a new policy started in the mid-2000's so there will be many bibs and sets that are not marked like this.  We close out the Acquisitions record as noted above.



Kathy uses this list to remember all the things that need to be changed when titles are canceled:

-fix Vacq

-fix Vcat

-fix s/o list [standing order list]

-mark vols

-update ul/lh

-add to cancel list with $ saved

-there is an excel list called "treatise_looseleaf  full list" that Lee started years ago but I stopped updating it last year or so.  It could be brought up to date easily.  It is stored on the Circ share drive.





Cancelling Book orders on POs

Canceling BOOK ORDERS in Voyager Acq module:

1. Find the PO and highlight the item you want to cancel (this applies only to PO’s that have multiple things ordered on them).

2. Now the “ rec/mark” words are in black not gray, so click on it and it will take you to a screen where you can “cancel or claim”. Pick the word that applies – in our case “cancel” from the “mark reasons” box, arrow key. You can add info about why cancelled, etc. or not , then hit “mark” and then “close”.

3. The item is now canceled, you can save and close the PO.

4. Next go to "order maintenance" in VACQ and run a search to find your one item or it can be done in a batch with other items that need to be claimed and/or cancelled. Pick your item and say "claim or cancel" it.

5. Then go to "Voyager reporter" and run all acq reports. This is the last step. It officially cancels or claims the item(s) and then marks that item(s) in the acq module as claimed or cancelled.


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