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Collection Services Policy and Procedure Manual: Cassidy Cataloging

Using Cassidy Cataloging

We currently have a subscription with Cassidy Cataloging Service to provide us bib records for all Lexis and Westlaw treatise titles, LoisLaw, HeinOnline American Law Institute Library and HeinOnline American Indian Law Collection.


We have added a note to all Lexis and Westlaw bibs saying - - Sign into Lexis Advance (or WestlawNext) to access this title. Contact a reference librarian if you need assistance.

Coding descrepancies

We have discovered varying types of coding in similar records.  It makes it very hard to do accurate statistics when the coding is not consistent.

1.  CASSIDY AND WESTLAW OR LEXIS – [ this was my keyword search string]

-LEADER = “am” for monographs with no open date; “ai” for serial type and open dates for paper version. [not consistent =See bib 122253 for paper open date but coded “am”]

-008 FORM OF ITEM = “s” but some have NO coding at all; [see Voyager bib 266966: ccn00239486]

-008 date1/date 2 = Majority have date range but not all; [not consistent = see bib 122381 for paper single date but 008 has date range.]



-LEADER = some coded as “am”, “as” or “ai”

-008 form of item = “s” for most, but found a few coded as “o” = online [Voyager bib 265267/ccn00309344, 265261/ccn00309338, 265737/OCLC643802097]

-008 date1/date2 = some have single date; most have multiple dates



-LEADER = coded as – “am” OR “as”.  Found no “ai”

-008 form of item = “s” for all

-008 date1/date2 = all have multiple dates           


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