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Collection Services Policy and Procedure Manual: Deleting Bib Records

Deleting Bib Records

From time to time we need to withdraw items from the collection because they are superseded or missing.  For those items in Voyager but not on a purchase order, the deletion is an easy process.

Delete the item record in Voyager.  Sometimes, if the item has fines or some other circulation status, it is necessary to "pay" or forgive the fines and/or demerits in the Circulation module.  It may be necessary to also wait a day for the Exceptions to be processed. (Exceptions is a list that shows transactions that are out of the ordinary)

Delete the MFHD

Delete our holding on the bib record in OCLC

Delete the bib record on Voyager

For those bib records/MFHDs attached to a purchase order the process is a little different.

Delete the item record / barcodes in Voyager

Change the MFHD location to sup (suppressed).  Changing to this location automatically suppresses the  MFHD display from the OPAC. The PO is actually attached to the MFHD...this is why the MFHD cannot be deleted.
Delete our holding on the bib record in OCLC.

Reduce the Bib Records to short records 
Keep the title and publication information, call number,  ISBN/ISSN numbers, OCLC number, LC number, and any 9xx notes added.  Remove the subject headings, 5xx notes, additional authors.  After the 049 OKYC insert [can't delete PO; volume(s) gone ; OCLC done].  Suppress the record by clicking on the SYSTEM tab at the top of the bib record, then selecting the "Suppress from OPAC" tick box  Add an X to the end of the title to make it fall to the bottom of the title display or stand out if it is the only record displayed.  




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