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Collection Services Policy and Procedure Manual: ISBN numbers

13 number ISBN's




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Sent: Monday, April 19, 2004 12:02 PM

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Subject: Re: [VOYAGER-L]: ISBN moving to 13 digit format


Yes, this is an international change coming out of the ISO working Group.  I believe that officially this begins 1, Jan. 2007 but there is some indication that 13 digit ISBNs may appear within the publishing industry before that date. New ISBNs will move from 10 to 13 digits.

Existing ISBNs will be prefixed, initially with 978, and then with 979.

This will bring the ISBN inline with the EAN UCC 13 digit barcode.  See for more information.


I am not sure what preparations Endeavor is making for this change, and I meant to bring it up at the EndUser meeting and forgot.




Shannon Mitchell wrote:


>Has anyone heard anything about the ISBN moving to a 13 digit format,

>and whether this will be accommodated in the next release of Voyager?


>Shannon Mitchell

>Supervisor/ILS Liaison

>Access Services, McPherson Library

General Information

International ISBN Agency homepage


ISBN Users' Manual


The ISBN Users' Manual is available as a pdf document. You can read the ISBN Users' Manual off- and online. To read it offline download the PDF version and save it to your computer. The latest version of the ISBN Users' Manual in English was issued in January 2012.


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