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Collection Services Policy and Procedure Manual: Local Call Number decisions


Local Call Number Decisions

JX: Any items classed as JX should be re-classed to JZ.  These should be only older materials

JZ/KZ: Due to shifting and shelving issues, Oklahoma City University Law Library made the decision when reclassifying JX titles to the newer JZ/KZ classes to change records classed as KZ from the Library of Congress or OCLC to JZ.  The two classes (JZ [Political Science] and KZ [Law of Nations]) were created to be inter-related and able to work as one.  This also includes the classes KZA (Law of the Sea) and KZD (Space Law-Law of Outer Space); they should be changed to JZA and JZD

Bibliographies:  Class bibliographies in the subject area; do not use the Z bibliography classification.  The alternative, subject classification number is generally in the second subfield a at the end of the call number field in OCLC records. 

New Native American Classification Schedule: With the new classification schedule for American Indigenous People (KIA-KIX) released in 2012, send all Native American Collection materials without the new classification scheme to the senior cataloger to assign a new call number.  Some of the records in OCLC have this new class number, so check OCLC  for existing materials that may have been re-classed

Supreme Court Justice Cutters: Check the Supreme Court Justices locally modified cutter list for changes from Library of Congress.

Subject Headings:  Delete the subject heading fields that do not have a 0 (zero) as the second indicator, i.e., MESH (medical) have a second indicator of 2.  Also delete any 653 subject heading fields.

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