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Collection Services Policy and Procedure Manual: Special collections cataloging


Some of the special collections have their own tabs and you can find more information there.

Career Services cataloging

We catalog the books that the Law School Career Services Dept. maintains in a small collection in their area..  Law students can check out their books in this dept.  They have Voyager circulation loaded on their computers so they can check them out in their office. 




1.    Use OCLC records but do not attach our holdings if they have the only copy. [Kathy fixing this 9-27-12]

2.    Use LC call numbers, attach and link bar codes in Vcat.  No stamping.  Use the same item types that we use.

3.    Leave CD-ROMs in whatever they send to us.  Item type = software.

4.    If no OCLC found, create new record in Voyager only.

5.    Add 500 note and it should say ---Also located in OCU Law Career Services.  This is when we have a copy of the book too.




Pro Se Collection

Books that were kept in the Pro Se collection have been sent to the general collection.  This collection has been discontinued as of Jan. 2015.  We only keep current edition of self-help type books..






Bobble Head figures

The 13 bobble head dolls of US Supreme Court Justices were given to us by Pres. Robt. Henry as a temporary loan.  We have cataloged the dolls for our opac but did not attach our holdings in OCLC since technically we do not own them.  They have been counted in our statistics as "nonbook".

They are located in a display case on the 1st floor Lobby.  They have the location of DISPLAY.

Study Aids Collection


[keep up to 2 copies;  can keep a 3rd copy in general collection.  Old editions will be discarded except for Hornbooks. They get a label at the top of the spine that says STUDY AID]


1. Examples & explanations (Aspen) 
2. Nutshells (West) 
3. Understanding series (Lexis) 
4. Law Stories (Foundation)

5.  Hornbook and concise hornbooks (West)

Second copies of study aids can be checked out overnight. To make it easier on the circ staff, we put a star sticker on the 2nd copies. That way we don’t have to look up the record for every single book, we just tell the students that study aids with star stickers are the ones that can be checked out overnight. Extra star stickers are in the 2nd drawer on the left side of my desk. Circulation will put the stars on the books.





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