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Collection Services Policy and Procedure Manual: Subfield Order

Subfield order



ORDER OF SUBFIELDS (From Frank Newton; on Autocat 8-30-12)  (NOTE: Dollar Sign is stand in for the subfield indicator sign)

Bible uniform title (130, 630): applsk

Note: if there is a Book of the Bible, the first $p O.T. or $p N.T. is no longer used. (i.e., Bible. $p Genesis. $l English) If referring to just the old or new testament, it is now (as of 2015) in the format Bible. $p Old Testament. $l English
    $a    Bible                         Bible.
    $p    Testament                 $p O.T.
    $p    Book of the Bible        $p Genesis.
    $l    Language                   $l English.
    $s    Version                      $s Revised standard.
    $k    Form subheading       $k Selections.
Conference name (111, 611, 711): andc
    $a    Meeting name            Olympic Games
    $n    Ordinal number          $n (17th :
    $d    Date of meeting         $d 1960 :
    $c    Location                     $c Rome, Italy)
Corporate name (110, 610, 710): ab(b)
    $a    Name of organization, jurisdiction, etc.    Vanderbilt University.
    $b    Subordinate unit                                   . $b George Peabody College for Teachers.
Music uniform title (240, 700): (a or t) mnrkosl
    $a (240)    + Name of musical work, or name    Carmen

OR  $t (700)    + of a musical genre in the plural
    $m    Medium of performance        , $m piano
    $n    Numbering system                , $n op. 1 no. 1
    $r    Musical key                           , $r A minor
    $k    Form subheading                  . $k Selections
    $o    Arranged statement              ; $o arr.
    $s    Version                                . $s Vocal score.
    $l    Language                             . $l English.
Personal name (100, 600, 700): aqbcde
    $a    Personal name                     John Paul
    $q    Fuller form of name              $q (John Ronald Reuel),
    $b    Numeration                          $b II,
    $c    Titles                                   $c Pope,
    $d    Dates                                  $d 1920-2005.
    $e    Relator term                        , $e ed.
Physical description (300): abce
    $a    Extent                               364 p.
    $b    Other physical details        : $b ill.
    $c    Dimensions                      ; $c 21 cm.
    $e    Accompanying material     + $e 1 CD-ROM.
Title transcription (245): anphbc
    $a    Title
    $n    Number of part or section of a work    . $n Grade 1
    $p    Name of part or section of a work       . $p Supplement
    $h    General material designator                 $h [sound recording]
    $b    Remainder of title [subtitle]              : $b a screenplay
    $c    Statement of responsibility                / $c by Joel Sayre and William Faulkner.

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