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Collection Services Policy and Procedure Manual: CHECKING IN THE MAIL




1.  When opening the mail each day, look for new editions.  If found then or later by the serials clerk, route to Kathy unmarked. 

2.  Kathy will ask the Director of the Law Library if we should keep the new edition.  Kathy sends an email with bibliographic information and call number, if previous edition is mentioned in Svengalis, if found in Westlaw or Lexis databases, and how many times the previous item was checked out.  She also sends the price of the new edition and how many volumes are in it.  Also whether the item is bound or looseleaf.  She also asks if a standing order is wanted to receive supplements as sometimes we don't want future supplements. 

3.  If we decide to keep the new edition then a new PO needs to be made in Voyager and the old PO completed.  We want to keep the check-in information for the old title so Kathy will edit the serials history so that all material does not display in the opac.  In serials maintenance the pattern is deleted, we add "DEAD" to the front of the check in title, add notes if needed, go to the PO and add a note saying we have a new edition.  Kathy also catalogs the new edition.

5.  Usually we keep both editions out in the stacks.  The old edition is marked "no longer being updated".  There are times where the old edition is discarded.  Consult with Jennifer or Lee for these decisions.


The Oklahoman and the Wall Street Journal are delivered to our door each day.  If they don't come Circ tells Nancy and she will claim it.  We no longer check in these newspapers thru VACQ   .

The other newspapers we subscribe to are received in through the US Post Office in the daily mail; Journal Record; Watonga Republican;  Chronicle of Higher Education, etc.  Most of these newspapers are checked in thru VACQ.


Anything that comes in our mail that you don't know what to do with it - - give to Kathy.


The mail is delivered to the Law School by the US Post Office in the late afternoon.  Our Admin Assist goes to 4th floor and gets our mail out of our mail slots.  Usually one of the librarians goes thru the mail looking for new editions or odd material that shouldn't go to the person who checks in the mail.  We also pull out packages from Amazon and Yankee which contain new books. Those packages go to Kathy.  

Not everything that comes to us is an official order.  Some publishers still send new editions of material we have ordered in the past but that we have not specifically ordered this time.  In those cases we evaluate and confer with the Library Director about whether to keep it or not.


All problem mail is given to Kathy.


PROCESSING AND CHECKING IN THE DAILY MAIL                             


1.      MAIL:  Cindy gets our mail which is delivered and put up in the law school mail room on the 4th floor.  Cindy gives to Tyler serial check-in items and to Kathy Amazon and GOBI boxes.  If there are any questions about who should get some something ask Kathy.


2.       SORTING -  We usually sort the mail into categories – periodicals and journals, bound volumes, newspapers and magazines, looseleaf releases and supplements.  The different groups of items get different processing and it is easier to do similar processing group by group.


3.       INVOICES AND PACKING SLIPS - If an invoice or packing slip comes with a package compare it to what was sent to us.  We want to be sure we get what they say is in the package.  If there are any questions  about this see Kathy.  Once the paperwork is OK and the item has been checked in you can give the invoice/packing slip to Kathy .


4.       SKIPPED ISSUES -- When checking in LOOSELEAF RELEASES if any of the previous releases have not been received go ahead and check in what you have but do not send the new release up to Circulation where the filing is done.  Give these types of releases to Kathy to hold until all releases have been received.  This does not apply to any other type of material so they can go ahead and be sent on up to Circulation where all shelving and filing takes place.  A claim is automatically generated by the VACQ system so no need to do anything special.


5.       BINDERS - If binders and looseleaf releases come together in the same package keep them together for Circulation.  If they get separated this causes problems when Circulation files these.


6.       ROUTING – You will find notes in check-in records if something should be routed to any librarians, staff or faculty.  You staple a “routing slip” to the front cover of the item and write in who it gets routed to.  Finished items are put on the shelves behind the circulation desk. 


7.       CHECKING IN THE DIFFERENT MAIL TYPES : Most journals and law reviews have some type of volume numbers, numbers, months and years and we use that information to specify what is received.  How an item is checked in will be set up and all you have to do is check to see that what you have in your hand matches what is designated as the next thing to check in.  If something does not match Tyler will adjust the check in record by re-setting the pattern.  Kathy will help if any problems occur while doing this.  There will be some cases where you have to type in what is received as there is no way to predict what will be coming.


Whenever we get one of the AALL PUBLICATION titles or releases, 1st search the serials check-in record by TITLE of the item, especially if it's a release of any kind.  If not found then you can check it in on the AALL publication check-in record. 

Example = Sources of compiled legislative history, AALL pub. No.14 has its own check record. 


Everything we check in can be seen in our OPAC.  If we don't want it to show up in the OPAC then we have to go to CHECK-IN, SERIALS HISTORY.  Then highlight what you don't want to show and then click on DISPLAY IN OPAC.  It will change it from YES to NO.


Items that we do this for routinely:

--State codes revised volumes

--Treatise revised volumes





We get a whole lot less mail these days.

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