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Collection Services Policy and Procedure Manual: EBRARY BOOKS

General Information

The Law Library began getting Ebrary electronic books Jan. 22, 2013.  We are using Yankee Book Peddlar as our vendor.  We are using our regular GOBI notification selection profile for paper books to get bibs for ebrary books.  If a book that would come to us as a slip or on approval is available in Ebrary then we will get a bib for the e-version sent to us to put into our collection.  We will still get a slip for the paper version but we will not get the book on approval.  We get a batch of e-books every 2 weeks just like we get a batch of slips for paper books in GOBI every 2 weeks.  Kathy imports them into Voyager.  Patrons can then find these items when doing regular searching of any kind in our catalog.  It will be designated with the call number LAW EBRARY.  The 856 field will have this phrase in subfield z - - - "Click here to access this ebook". 

Yankee worked with us on adding information to the bib record automatically for each title so we didn't have to do it.  They added the ezproxy address, the subfield z phrase.  Kathy adds the call number and an additional 856 field for our libguide instructions.

Number of short-term loans before automatic purchase = 2.  We pay for each loan and for the book purchase out of our deposit account with Yankee.  

Ebrary information

To find our statistics, reports on usage, etc. go to our branded page 

An Overview of ebrary can be found in the Help system,

located at

Our login username is okculawdda ; pswd payton1949.  Our Yankee account number is 1749-40 and ebooks will be billed separately from any other orders.

The LibGuide EBOOKS FROM EBRARY is here

Using MarcEdit Kathy will add our “call number” which is LAW EBRARY.  Our bib records come with this phrase in 856 subfield z " CLICK HERE TO ACCESS THIS EBOOK" .  She adds another 856  field that will direct the user to the Libguide --

" 856 42 ‡u ‡3 Click here to view a libguide explaining how to use this ebook and how to download it to mobile devices  "


The DDA bib records are imported into Voyager and a MFHD is created with the location "e-lawebrar"  If and when usage triggers a purchase the location will be changed to a permanent location to be determined later.



Cataloging decisions

If we own or buy a paper copy of a book that we also have in e-format [e book not purchased yet], we will delete the ebook record from Voyager.  According to information from Yankee we should also notify them and Ebrary so their records can be changed also.  We will go ahead and buy paper books when faculty or librarians request them even if we already have it in e-book form.  We should notify them first that an ebook is available and ask about still buying the paper.  

We may make a new location for ebooks that we buy.  We haven't bought one yet so we'll see.  We want to be able to know what we have purchased.**2016 May no decision made on this and 1 ebrary e-book has been purchased [Water and the law: towards sustainability edited by Michael Kidd, etc., vcat bib no. 332762]

DDA discovery bib records are provided as part of our EOCR subscription.  We think they are fine and will do only customization not bibliographic editing.  Kathy gets the bib records electronically every 2 weeks if there are any that match our profile.  She imports them into Voyager. 

For now we are not planning on attaching our holdings to ebook records in OCLC.


Highlights of our set up

1.  We have set a limit of $200 as the purchase cost of any ebook.

2.  After 2 uses of a particular ebook title (either look at, copy pages or get on short term loan of 7 days, on the third use the book will be purchased automatically.  We are charged the same for all uses and purchases.

3. Our DDA profile is set up for PDA+Loan. In this case we have it set to Loan two times before an outright purchase. Loaned titles are NOT available for full document download. You can download chapters or page ranges.

4. Authentication of our users is via IP range so only OCU law people can use the ebooks.

5. From our license agreement - When we buy Ebrary eBooks we pay a one-time purchase price in exchange for a perpetual, irrevocable, worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free license to make them available to our authorized users, subject to the following:

   - - purchase of a single-user eBook allows for one user at a time to view each purchased copy.

  - - ILL of eBooks is allowed provided that the loan is not done in a manner or magnitude that would replace the the recipient library's own subscription to eBooks.

  - - Articles or other works contained in a product may be included in your electronic reserves.

6.  The annual hosting fee was originally waived for the Law Library because DBL had an ebrary subscription too.  Since DBL cancelled their ebrary subscription we had to pay the hosting fee of $250 in 2016 for 2015 calendar year. They have again waved the hosting fee for 2016 and 2017 but I do not know if that will continue.



Creating PO's

We receive a spreadsheet email notice from Ebrary for purchases and loans that precedes the Yankee paper invoice.  The email may have more than one title listed.  Our first report had 2 titles; our 2nd report had one title.  Yankee sends paper invoices for each loan and each purchase.  They will make the invoice match the spreadsheet that came from Ebrary.

When the Yankee invoice is received a PO will be created for each title and payments will be made there. The first invoice we received had 2 titles on it and both went on the same PO but I have decided not to do that in the future. It will be simplier to see how much was spent per title if each title has it's own PO and payment tab.

The fund we are using is called "YBP EBRARY". The location in the catalog for them is "e-Law Ebrary".  This sheet is kept on the Admin share drive in the main accounting folder.


I also keep track of the money on an excel spreadsheet along with other Yankee expenditures.

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