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Collection Services Policy and Procedure Manual: FACULTY SERVICES

Librarian office copies

The Library Office collection was disbanded in Spring 2014.  Librarians pulled books from that collection to keep in their offices.  Locations were changed to our general collection.  All books kept in librarian offices are to be on long term check out.  If the librarian decides to not have the book in their office it will then go into the general collection.  Eventually the location LIBRARY OFFICE will not be used anymore.

Suppress mfhds for office copies


The Faculty Office location is suppressed (as well as the Director’s Office and Reference Office locations) in Voyager so they do not show up in our opac. 


The bib record will show up in searches (unless the bib record has been suppressed manually too) but no location or call number will show for the suppressed locations/MFHDs.


We are now [2012] NOT attaching our holdings in OCLC for office copies if that is the only copy we have purchased.  If we have a copy in the collection in addition to an office copy then we do attach our holdings in OCLC.  We used to attach our holdings in OCLC for office copies too so there are OCLC records that say we own an item when really it is a faculty copy only.   

Initial set up instructions

The law library policy regarding office copies for professors is that the books are cataloged and are the property of the law library but are housed in the professors office.   Should the professor leave the books should be returned to the law library.

Per the Library Director, we are keeping ALL returned office copies when they are sent back to us either because a professor is retiring or leaving our school.  This will often times mean that we will have duplicate copies in our collection. (2-23-17)

Books requested by Faculty

We buy most any book that is recommended by a law professor.  If the item is over $100 it will need to be approved by the Director before ordering.  In the last few years we have also been buying more office copies for them.  Requests usually come from Circulation, the Director or one of the Reference librarians.  We also buy books for the collection and for office copies based on how many times an title has been requested through ILL.  Circulation sends requests to purchase based on their criteria - 2 ILL's and/or a refusal to renew an ILL that is still needed by a law professor.  Again if the cost is over $100 it will need the approval of the Director.

We had been buying most all material for faculty thru Amazon for speedy delivery. But in Spring 2014 we decided to buy these books thru Yankee Book Peddlar unless it was a RUSH item.  Books ordered thru Amazon are shipped to us within 2 days usually as we are members of Amazon Prime.  All faculty material is cataloged and processed before anything else so they get their material fast.

Office copies are cataloged and a bib record is put into Voyager.  We do not attach to the OCLC record if the library doesn't have a copy too.  The book is bar coded so it can be checked out to the professor. In the MFHD we add information in the 866 field like this "Dean Couch office copy".  The bib and mfhd are suppressed so it doesn't show up in our opac. Once the book has been processed it is taken to Circulation to be checked out to the professor.  Once a professor leaves employment at OCU we can generate a list of their office copy books that are supposed to be returned to the library as the books are the property of the law library.  The Director sometimes allows professors to take the books with them when they leave.


We can generate reports thru Voyager for amounts spent for office copies and for ILL books purchased.

Cataloging and Processing Office Copies

 PROCEDURES FOR Cataloging and Processing OFFICE COPIES:

  1. Add a 866 field to MFHD record in Voyager saying, for example "866 blank 0  Prof. Spivack office copy"

  2. The location should be "facoffice" in the MFHD

  3.  Be sure there is a call number in the subfield h  

  4. Suppress the MFHD

  5. Bar code and link all volumes.  All volumes will have a call number spine label and get stamped property of OCU Law Library.

   6. Send to Circulation to check out to the Professor.


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