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Collection Services Policy and Procedure Manual: HISTORY AND PROJECTS

General Information

The Law Library started using OCLC in 1980. We had a dedicated computer that was only able to log into OCLC in Ohio - it could do nothing else.  The library didn't get desktop computers until the late 1980's.  Our collection in the 1980's consisted of multiple copies of the national reporters, all state statutes, all periodical titles indexed in ILP and 4 ranges of treatise titles.

In June 1982 we began a fundraising campaign with the Law School to raise $400,000 for the Law Library.  The Kerr Foundation would then give us $200,000.  All funds were to go to the Law Library to purchase library material.  We began receiving the funds shortly thereafter and had spent all of the money by the 1994-95 FY.

We participated in a union list of legal periodicals with other MAALL law libraries beginning in 1982 using OCLC. The union list included law review holdings and related periodicals, noting the specific volumes held from the academic law libraries in Mid-America Assoc of Law Libraries Consortium. 

Thru MAALL we acquired a fax machine in a group purchase in 1985.

The library gained ownership to the north side of the 3rd floor in the GoldStar Building on the main campus in 1985. It used to house the Education Dept.

We put 3M strips in all volumes in Oct. 1989.  The front gate was purchased in 1989 and installed in the Gold Star Building.  The back gate was purchased in 1995.

Thru MAALL we gained our first computerized catalog through the Library Corporation called Bibliofile in 1990. We kept it up to date until we switched to the Voyager system in 2000.

The Dulaney-Browne Library and Law Library automation project began in 1992 with demonstrations by several companies.  We went with ORACLE and installed the OLIB online library system in late 1993.  It never worked properly.  It was a British system that didn't really recognize or work well with the MARC record.

We began to put bar codes in all volumes in Feb 1994.  The classified collection was bar coded first and completed in 1995. The project went on until 1998.

The library was renovated extensively in 1995. The Sarkeys Law Center was built in 1994 before our renovation began.  Technical Services moved to the south side of the lower level at that time.  Then we moved to the area that used to house the Dean's office and other administrative offices a year later.  The library acquired the south side of the 3rd floor in 1995 which used to be law school classrooms.

We stopped getting cards for the public card catalog in May 30, 1995.  We continued to get a shelflist card until Sept. 2002.  The card catalog was sold in 2002 to one of our professors. We kept only 1 shelflist catalog.

We switched to the Voyager online library system in 2000.

In 2001 we began seriously reviewing all serial subscriptions and began to cancel many titles. This has turned into a continual project.

We had a serious mold outbreak in late 2004.  The books were in compact shelf and we had to discard hundreds of volumes.  Physical plant did the discarding for us after we marked what needed to go.  They also cleaned the shelves for us.

The Reference wing was completely rearranged in 2005 and 1/2 of the books went back to the regular collection.  Soft seating was added to the front of the room.

We began putting gift notes in our Voyager bib records in 2005 as shown below.  We can now run Voyager reports by donor, by FY, etc.


590 Gift of Prof. Jay Conison, 1988.

948 Gift (subfield a) Conison, Jay (subfield a) 1988

The Bob Burke collection of signatures was received in 2006. Scanned and put online in 2008 by one of our reference librarians.

The books in JX were reclassed into JZ in 2006.  A pretty big project that required relabeling all volumes and shifting to be able to reshelve them.

In 2006 we began buying cataloging records from Cassidy Cataloging for Westlaw and Lexis online treatises. This was cancelled in 2014 and 2015 when both databases went to new platforms.  Cassidy said our old cataloging was unusable and that we would have to start a new purchase of all the titles all over again.  We decided not to continue cataloging Lexis and Westlaw. We have been adding notes to bibs that are available in Lexis or Westlaw that say "Available in [database name] with appropriate password." [2016 started buying cataloging again]

In 2006 we began a subscription to get cover art that would show up in our opac.  We also began an annual process of sending our bib records to be enriched with table of contents.  Both services were thru Syndetics Solutions.  TOC enrichment is now with Yankee Book Peddlar.

Many duplicate copies of monographs were removed from our collection in 2007.  We didn't remove any nutshells, hornbooks or casebooks during this project.

In 2007 we began working with Serials Solutions to get an A-Z list of our periodicals.

In 2007 we began using GOBI for ordering books online through Yankee Book Peddlar.

In 2008 we discarded all back years of the CFR in paper.  Also discarded many things from the superseded collection such as USCA, USCS, and state statutes volumes.  We moved the Oklahoma collection down to LL south from 3 south. 

In 2008 we finished adding our local holdings into our A-Z list.

In 2009 we cancelled over 400 periodical subscriptions. 

In 2009 we discarded 18,600+ volumes from our collection and then reorganized the collection.  We discarded extra copies of reporters, AM JUR, CJS, US Codes, Statutes at Large, bar journals, periodicals, Oklahoma reports, US reports and ALRs.  Also discarded cancelled titles of Shepard's citators and state statutes. Discarded Congressional Record, some Canadian material and Oklahoma Decisions volumes.  We were able to give many of the sets to students and other libraries.

In 2009 finished adding most of our un-barcoded volumes into Voyager so our volume count became more accurate.  The volumes included the old leather pre-NRS reporters, Special Collection titles and superseded items.  

In 2010 we began receiving electronic Hein greenslips as a selection tool. This service was cancelled in 2013.

In 2010 a Study Aids collection was created.  Many items were moved out of the Permanent Reserve area at the circulation desk.  Popular DVDs were also rearranged so that the jacket went on display in the Reference room while the actual DVDs were put in one drawer at the Circulation desk.

In Jan. 2011 we signed up for the Library Maintenance Agreement with Thomson/West.  We started receiving a fixed dollar amount on each monthly invoice. We can change the titles on the program annually.  We signed up for a similar program with Lexis but discontinued it in 2012.

In 2011 Circulation spearheaded an inventory project.  The project was finished in 18 months in Sept. 2012.  1445 titles were found to be missing.  We replaced 77 titles and removed the lost items from Voyager.

As of April 2011 we had cancelled 662 periodical subscriptions since we began cancelling in 2000. A list was generated from Voyager by using the 902 field where information about titles we have cancelled is stored.

In Aug. 2011 we began using Voyager numbers as our official statistics. Previous to that we had relied on a hand count for monthly and annual statistics.

In Sept. 2011 our administrative assistant began a project of typing in the table of contents in the Voyager bib records for older books that did not have one.  The TOCs that we buy thru Yankee doesn't cover all of our books especially older ones.  She began in the Native American Collection and then moved on to the Study Aids Collection.  This is a long term project. A student worker began working on this project in 2012 time permitting. The online Table of contents enrichment that we do covers only recent material.

In Dec. 2011 we discarded 5598 volumes from the periodical collection.  Also discarded 2226 volumes from the classified collection most of which were dead looseleafs and treatises.  We also discarded many old casebooks and textbooks.  Total discarded volumes for FY 11-12 was 34,242 and total discarded titles was 4227.  The Native American collection was moved down to 1 south from 3rd floor lobby area.  The collection needed more room.

Finished updating and adding local holdings into OCLC in 2012.  This project had been going on since 2008. 

Added QR codes to bib records for our opac in April 2012.

In 2012 Circulatlon added "available online" stickers to the spines of looseleaf and treatise volumes that are available in Westlaw and Lexis or other databases such as BNA, CCH and HeinOnline. If in WL/LX the volume also got this statement taped inside the volume "Law students and law faculty may have online access to this material. Consult a librarian for assistance". Approximately 1941 volumes got labeled. Technical Services will continue the project from here on as new volumes are received. 

In 2012 the entire 3rd floor was finally shifted so we had space for growth through out the collection.  This project had started in 2011. 

In October 2012 the Law School and Law Library were inspected by the ABA.

In October 2012 the Law School was given permission by OCU Trustees to move downtown into the old Central High School/SW Bell/Farmers Insurance building.  We won't be moving for approx. 2 yrs.

In early 2013 we began another round of cancellations and weeding. 

In 2014 preparing for move downtown.  The collection is being downsized.  We are classifying everything including periodicals, state statutes, and national reporter volumes as these will go into compact shelving along with the bulk of our collection.. 

In May 2014 our department name changed from Technical Services to Collection Services.

By Jan. 5, 2015 we were in our new building.  Here are current Voyager statistics as of 1-23-15.  The percentage of volumes not in compact shelf = 13,122 or 6.786% of the total volumes of 89,053.

Book volumes 89,053

Fiche volume equivalents 63,905

Film volume equivalents 14,575

AV, DVD, VHS, cd rom, nonbook piece count 932 

Total volumes 168,465



Historical Volume Count

Nancy keeps collection statistics in excel.  Go to the STATISTICS folder for current and historical data.  Statistics are found in the CURRENT STATS BY FY AND  VOLUME COUNT BY FY folders. There is more data found in other excel folders such as Budget, Cancel lists, Databases and stats, money, etc.


There are also paper files in Nancy's annual reports binders which she keeps for 5 yrs in her bookcases. Kathy generates many statistical reports from our Voyager database which are included in our annual reports.  Nancy has some old statistics in a box labeled Law Library Collection Statistics kept in her bookshelves.  Many of Nancy's emails to Lee contain statistics and reports compiled for the ABA, MALLCO, US News & World Report, Barron's and US Dept of Education National Center for Education Statistics.

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