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Collection Services Policy and Procedure Manual: INVOICES


Go to the ACQUISITIONS tab then to PAYING INVOICES IN VOYAGER for more information about invoices.

Paying paper copies of invoices

Most of the time invoices come with our library material (book, fiche, AV, etc.)  All invoices are given to Kathy to enter into the Voyager Acq/Serials module title by title.  It important to verify the title and the description of what we are paying before paying the invoice.  Also the amount should match what we have in the PO for books.  Serial titles do not have $$ in the PO's as prices change from year to year.


If the invoice comes before we get the material Kathy will hold it and pay it once the material is received.  We do not like to prepay for things unless that is a requirement of the vendor.  Most Oklahoma agencies require prepayment and most don't accept credit card payments or checks.



Kathy handles processing all invoices for these accounts

 - 7121 software maintenance such as OCLC

 - 7400 audio-visual account

 - 7401 binding account

 - 7402 microforms account [we haven't used it in years]

 - 7900 operating lease for electronic subscriptions account

 - 7907 book account

 - 7908 serial account



Invoice numbers, vendors, invoice date, amount, and funds are the important parts of entering payment into Voyager.

Sending invoices on to be paid

The Collection Services Dept. handles the first steps in processing invoices for books, periodicals, audio-visual, binding, microforms, software maintenance and operating lease accounts.  Invoices are verified for accuracy and completeness and an invoice is created in VACQ,


--stamp the invoice with our APPROVED FOR PAYMENT stamp.
--write in your initials, the date the invoice is being processed by you, and the account number.
--give all processed invoices to Kathy. She will send to the Admin. Assistant.
--the Admin Assist will fill in the rest of the account number. She will also enter the OCU PO number which is entirely different from our Voyager Acquisition system PO numbers. She shows the Director all invoices once a week for final approval. Then she takes them to the OCU Accounting Dept. for final processing and payment.  


The Administrative Assist. keeps a ledger of payments made on the Admin share drive. This has all payments for all library accounts.  She reconciles her data with the data from the OCU Accounts Payable Dept. on Banner at least once a week - that dept is the final word on what we have spent.  Should we find errors in their data we ask them to change it (changing what account is used is the most common request).


We do not keep copies of invoices in collection services on a routine basis.  Sometimes there are extra copies and we keep one and file it in the "statement box".  Sometimes copies are kept if we anticipate problems or questions about it later. 



Statements are kept by Kathy in her files.  It is weeded so only the current 2 fiscal years are kept.  We are keeping a copy of all Thomson West monthly invoices with the statements.  We also keep a copy of all Hein periodical invoices.  Statements are filed alphabetically. 

Statements are checked to see if something didn't get paid by us.  Sometimes invoices get lost and we need to request copies from the company.  Many companies have web sites where you can request these copies.  I usually give a payment by us 3 months to get to the company before I ask what happened to our payment.  The Director's admin assist can check in Banner, OCU's online accounting system, to see when a check was cut and sent if needed.

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