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Collection Services Policy and Procedure Manual: West Monthly Invoices

General Information



[not doing this since we have been in the LMA program]



1.  The West invoice is sent to Nancy by email around the 5th of each month.  The email send a pdf link which takes me to the West e-billing web site.  Then click on VIEW MY INVOICE and print 3 copies - 2 for Lorraine, 1 for Nancy..  Paper invoices are not mailed to us anymore.   


2.   All West volumes/supplements/pocket parts are sent to us with a packing slip.  The mail person gives all packing slips to Nancy after verifying that we received all material listed on the packing slip.


3.  Nancy holds all packing slips until the monthly invoice is received.  Then she compares the packing slips with the invoice to be sure we received all items listed on the invoice.  Claim any material not received.


4.   Go to NEW INVOICE in Voyager Acq and pay this invoice. 


Subject Guide

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