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Collection Services Policy and Procedure Manual: LOST AND MISSING BOOKS


Sometimes books just disappear.



1.  The book will be replaced if the title is requested by a law professor or law student if under $100.  Director makes final decision

2. The book will be replaced if the book is rated high in the AALS Law Books Recommended for Law Libraries or the Recommended   Publications for Legal Research editions.

3.  If we own another copy of the missing book we won't replace it.

4.  Out of print books will not be replaced unless A rated and/or requested by Law Faculty.

5.  Our policy is to withdraw missing books once they have been missing for 3 years.  [we are way behind in doing this, Sept. 2012]


When a book is LOST BY A PATRON


-Circulation contacts Nancy to get a replacement cost for lost/damaged books.  We usually check Amazon for prices.

-All patrons minus faculty will be charged the cost to replace the book they have lost and a processing fee of $25




Missing volumes procedure

The first step for missing items is to report it to Circulation who will look for it for 3 months. Circulation can at this point decide if it  is important enough to replace it right now.  They will notify Nancy and Lee about the need to replace.  Usually this is because a faculty person wants it or it has been gone along time according to Voyager.


After the 3 months Circulation will give the book to Nancy and she will look for it.  It will be marked missing in Voyager if not already marked. She will determine at this point if it is important enough to replace or not.    Periodically, we run a missing report and actually go to the stacks and check to see if missing items have returned. Once something has been gone for 3 years then it will be withdrawn from the catalog and OCLC if we have decided not to replace it. [PROBLEM:  In our 2011-12 inventory everything missing was given the item status of "LOST-LIBRARY APPLIED and the date FEB. x,2012.  So if something had been missing since 2004 that information has now been lost.  Everything looks likes we lost it in 2012 now]. 

Search in Amazon for prices for any missing books we want to replace.  If there are many books we are thinking about replacing a list will be compiled and sent to Lee for decisions about which ones to replace especially for expensive ones [over $100].

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