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Collection Services Policy and Procedure Manual: NEW BOOKS COLLECTION


In 2011 a new location and procedure was made for new books.  We wanted to make our new purchases more visible to our patrons.


1.  The Cataloger chooses a temp location  of "New books"  in the mfhd  – there is no other designation or sticker put on the book.


2.  The Cataloger delivers the books to circulation and they shelve the books [not serials] in the NEW BOOKS area. They are shelved by call number. 



3.  Next steps are for Circulation to remove some of the books. A query is run to find the books that have been there for over 30 days (as of when the item/barcode was created).  Kathy will give the query and report to Circulation and they will run the Access query on the last day of the month and have staff or students pull the older books.  Circulation then uses the " pick and scan " feature in the circ client to remove the temp location.  Then the books can be reshelved in the regular collection 


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