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Collection Services Policy and Procedure Manual: Local Holdings in OCLC

Project finished

In the Fall of 2012 we finally finished updating and adding our local holdings information into OCLC for all of our serial titles excluding electronic serial titles.   

We did add holdings information for some of our monograph titles especially if we were missing volumes from a multi-volume titles.  In the future we will continue to perform maintainence on our local holdings as serials get cancelled or cease.

There are several small looseleaf binders in the technical service office with detailed instructions on how to enter local holdings information.


General Information


1.  Go to the Connexion browser thru the internet.  You have to log on with your OCLC authorization number that you use for   cataloging, ILL, etc.  If a student worker is doing the editing this is the number to us

                      100-300-249    and the password is "student"

2.  Search by OCLC number, title, etc. to find the correct title. 

3.  If we already have a local holdings record you can set up OCLC to go to the local holdings screen automatically when searching.  If you search by title and get more than one record in the search results then you have to pick the bib record that we used.  Then it will take you to our local holdings screen if we have one. Edit record as instructed (especially the 008 field) and save it.

4.  To create a new local holdings record, go to ACTIONS and pick CREATE LOCAL HOLDINGS from the drop down menu.


6.  Then edit the record to show what we own/have.

7.  When thru editing the record, go to ACTION and pick ADD RECORD.

8.  To search for another title, go back to SEARCH and enter new search terms and repeat steps above. 

Format to use

Originally we added information like this


Currently we are using this form



other examples







2001, 2005-2009, 2012-

Holdings in OCLC Union List - PAPER VS FICHE


According to the ANSI/NISO standards, we should report our holdings separately, with print holdings attached to print bibliographic record and microform holdings attached to the corresponding microform bib records. 


When we first began entering our holdings into OCLC we put fiche/film holdings on paper records as did all MAALL Libraries.  We are now in the process of separating them.[2011-12]

More information

008 field is where you can show if the title is currently being received or if it has ceased, if we purchased the title, or if it was a gift or a GPO depository item.  You can also code the title to not lend it thru ILL but that we will reproduce it.  There is a drop down list for all categories in this field.  All of our serials do not circulate in our library or thru ILL.  We will reproduce by photocopy, pdf, or whatever so check that box.

You can create a note about our holdings instead of listing vol/year.  You add the phrase used in the "summary" field, for example "Library keeps current 3 years only" also into the 852 field where the location is listed.  Put it in $z.  You can either delete the 853 and 863 fields or change the 863 field to have zeroes.  If they are deleted you have to also change the Leader.  Expand the Leader by clicking on the + sign.  Go to Encoding Level and change it to u - unknown.

You can also have a note in the 863 field after putting in the vol/year. Add $z and the note at the end of the 863 field.

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