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Collection Services Policy and Procedure Manual: OKLAHOMA MATERIAL


We have created a new OKLAHOMA COLLECTION in our new building.  This collection contains all material relating to Oklahoma - legal, historical, biographies, etc. There are both mongraphs and serials in this collection.  All volumes have a sticker saying OKLA on the top of the spine.

There will be volumes that can circulate and volumes that do not circulate.  So we have created 2 locations to be used in the mfhd:  ok which displays as Oklahoma for circulating material and oknon which displays as Oklahoma non circulating for non circulating material.


We are on the mailing list to receive the OKLAHOMA BAR ASSOCIATION catalog of publications. They put out 2 catalogs per year.  Paper volumes were $35 per volume which was quite a savings over the regular price.  The material is now mostly available in pdf format and is free.  We just have to ask for it. We have been contacting this person to get the lists and to order the titles.

Renee Montogomery, 405-416-7029




We get free copies of the Oklahoma House and Senate Journals each year but we must call and ask for them each time.  Call in February each year to get the year before.  They like to have a few days notice to get them ready for us.


Senate - call Debbie North in Records & Info, room no. Basement 30,   524-0126 or 521-5666.  She is now calling Nancy when they are available.  They may mail them to us.


House - call Ms. Kris Madison 962-7676  and pick them up in House Clerks Office, room no. 109




Misc OKLA titles

We receive 1 copy of the Oklahoma Bar Journal free from the OBA. 


We subscribe to the Oklahoma Administrative Code  and the Oklahoma Register thru the OK Secretary of State Office. They do not accept credit card payments so we have to prepay by check each year.


We collect the annual Title Examination standards handbook and have to call and order it each year thru the Oklahoma Bar Association.

Oklahoma primary material

In 2014 it was decided that we would keep 1 copy only of primary Oklahoma material such as session laws and official statutes.  We have microfiche backup for most of this material.  Also the ODL law library has all of this material too and they are not too far away from us.

800 N. Harvey Oklahoma City, OK 73102 405.208.5271