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Collection Services Policy and Procedure Manual: PROCESSING



Kathy checks all volumes for new monograph titles.  In checking the processed books, she looks to see that the correct call number labels got on the correct books and that correct stickers have been put on the spines where needed  (reserve, reference, etc.).


Nancy checks all processed volumes for serial items checked in on the Voyager acquisitions system - after the material is checked in and processing is done.  Nancy checks to see that the correct stickers are on the volumes, that the volume has been linked to the correct catalog record  and that it has the correct location and item type as the rest of the set. 


Nancy puts notes in the serial volumes for the shelvers telling them what to pull or not pull off the shelf.   These pulled items will be returned to Collection Services for Nancy to either delete them from Voyager or change the location in Voyager.  Tossed volumes will need to be counted out in our statistics that Nancy keeps.  If there is a question about whether to keep or toss, check the acquisition check-in record and/or mfhd for notes about what to do.  If it is the first time for this title, consult with reference and other librarians for input on whether to keep/toss.  







Kathy catalogs and processes our DVDs and CDs.  We write the call number on the actual dvd or cd with a permanent marker.  The case is also marked with the call number.

General Information




1.    All library material will be property stamped with “OCU LAW LIBRARY” on all 3 edges of  each volume and on the inside of the front cover. 

2.    All volumes will get date stamped on the inside front cover.  


3.    We no longer put 3m tattletape in our volumes as of 2014.


4.    All volumes will get a bar code placed on inside top center first page.  Multivolume supplements do not get a bar code.  But stand-alone supplements will get bar codes.  CFR's and Federal Registers do not get bar codes.  Ask when in doubt.


5.    When placing any labels on the spine of the volume don’t cover up important information such as section numbers, volume numbers, etc. (the name of the publisher is not important).



6.    If the volume gets a call number, it will be placed towards the bottom of the spine about 1/4 inch from the bottom.  If the label will not fit on the spine put it on the front cover in the lower left hand corner.  All call number labels get covered by 3M book tape to protect the label from smudges, dirt, etc.


7.    Some volumes get special labels affixed to the top of the spine – such as Permanent Reserve, Reference, Native American Collection, Course Reserve, Special Collection, Study Aids, etc.  Read notes in vacq to see if the item needs a label. Ask Nancy when in doubt.

8.    If there are informational slips inserted in the volume, leave them there.  All processed volumes will get checked by Nancy or Kathy prior to being shelved.



Processing for microfiche involves stamping the envelope with the date/property stamp and writing in the top left hand corner the A or AA number.


Process microfilm by property stamping the box somewhere where there is room.  Write by the title on the box the B number.

Spine Labels


There was much discussion recently about where labels should be put on the spine of the books when we are processing new books. Please read and adhere to these guidelines for labels.  When in doubt ask Nancy. [Jan. 2010]



--All labels should go at the very top of the spine UNLESS it covers up something important like the name of the publication

 (CFR is a good example of that, so put labels under the CFR or on the front cover).

--Be consistent when putting labels on a set of books 

-- IF there is no good place to put the REF label because it would cover up important information on the spine then put it on the front cover in the upper left corner.



--Do NOT put the call number label on the bottom of the spine IF  it would cover up something important like --- title numbers, section numbers, dates of coverage, bill numbers, etc.   Put the label on the front cover lower left hand corner.

 (The US Code Congressional and Administrative news is a good example of this -- KF 48 .U45 in Ref.)



For big multi-volume sets (like USCA, USCS, etc.) we are going to put the call number on the first pocket part only and not on every single pocket part as we had done in the past. 


The call number will be put on the instruction sheets too which should be returned to Nancy.


 If it turns out that a volume is missing the filer/shelver should write the call number on the pp that can’t be filed so they can search for the volume more easily later on.

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