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Collection Services Policy and Procedure Manual: GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS

Shelf-ready books from Yankee

In June 2014 we began receiving shelf-ready books from Yankee Book Peddler.  They come fully processed - property stamped and with spine labels.  We no longer put 3M Tattletape strips in any of our books.  We worked with Yankee in setting up this process and how we wanted our books to look.  Yankee has been very helpful when we wanted to change the process.

General Information


  1. All boxes and binders will get bar coded and linked in Voyager as of Jan. 2005.
  2. All boxes and binders need a descriptive label created if they don’t have one already that will have author, title, volume/date and location information on it.  For 3 ring binders put a descriptive label on the spine and on the front outside cover.  Cover the label with clear 3M book tape.  Don’t cover up any important information with any labels. 
  3. Some of these boxes and binders will get location labels too such as - - - Reference, Permanent Reserve, etc.  These stickers will be placed at the top of the spine or box.
  4. We put Native American newspapers into white binders with plastic sleeves to hold the papers since they do not have holes.  As the binders get full Circulation staff brings them to us to make new binders.



Processing bound volumes

We receive many bound and softbound volumes on standing order.  They will be checked in thru the Voyager Acquisitions system.  Almost everything in the library now has a Library of Congress call number.  Sheets of labels have been printed for many of the titles and are kept in a box by the check-in table.  Some volumes come so rarely that no labels have been pre-printed.  Ask Kathy to print labels when none are found.

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