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Collection Services Policy and Procedure Manual: PROJECTS


Kathy Broad, Head of Collection Services

Contact information:




 o    Adding law genre headings to bib records in Voyager.

o    We are adding table of contents for older material as well as current material. Old bibs gets TOC's typed in.

o   Continuing to catalog HeinOnline databases.  In process is ALI, American Indian Law, Legal Classics, World Trials, Slavery in American and the World, Bar Journals, and Periodicals.  Some sets are done in-house and some are being purchased from Cassidy Cataloging Services.

o     Reclassing and relabeling Native American titles from KF to KIA-KIX. Waiting for final version of the new LC schedule.

o  Checking list of bibs marked INACTIVE in vcat to see if the title ceased.  Will update the bib records accordingly.



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